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Upper Body Splints and Supports: Rehabilitation Devices that Immobilize Injured Muscles for Quick Healing

Wrist brace and other upper body orthoses such as splints and supports play a vital role in aiding individuals facing mobility issues due to injuries or certain medical conditions. Besides providing support, they also reduce pain and inflammation, improve mobility and speed up the healing process. They have a firm and flexible structure offers a perfect blend of support and comfort, allowing users to regain control and get back to their normal routine as quickly as possible.

Types of Upper Body Supports

1. Wrist Support

A wrist support is a supportive garment worn around the wrist to prevent excessive movement that can further aggravate pain and discomfort. It provides stability while allowing for some degree of mobility. Wrist braces are most used for treating carpal tunnel syndrome or to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Modern wrist braces are made from rigid tissue nylon fabrics and fixed on the hand with Velcro. Some braces also come with extensions that can be used to extend the protection till the thumb

2. Elbow Support

An elbow support is an orthopaedic device that provides compression, warmth and support to the injured elbow joint thereby relieving pain, inflammation and stiffness. They consist of a single strap that fits above the forearm just below the elbow. Some elbow supports also have a pad that applies pressure on the tendon. Besides ensuring quick recovery, an elbow support also prevents injuries by ensuring the elbows do not overextend or move in the wrong direction

3. Finger Splint

A finger splint is a medical device used to stabilize, protect and support the finger after an injury. It is generally made from rigid materials like metal or plastic and has a cushion made of foam or padded fabric that ensure comfort by preventing sores due to continuous wear. Finger splints are used to treat a few injuries such as mallet finger, sprains, broken fingers, fractured fingers, finger dislocations and osteoarthritis.

Why Choose Upper Body Splints and Supports from Broadway Medical Supply?

The benefits of upper body splints and supports are not just limited to providing pain relief. They also ensure quick recovery and ease everyday tasks. Broadway Medical Supply has an extensive range of upper body splints and supports. Made from high-quality materials under the guidance of experts, these orthopedic devices are suitable for a wide range of purposes right from treating calluses to providing support for weak muscles. They are designed to ensure easy mobility and comfort during use.