Irrigation Sleeves for Ostomy: Efficient Ostomy Care

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Use Irrigation Sleeves for Ostomy To Prioritize Your Comfort

A colostomy is a kind of ostomy where a part of the large intestine (colon) is redirected to the outside of the body, forming a stoma. Instead of using a colostomy bag all the time, you can flush the colon daily with water through the stoma, which is a surgical opening in the abdomen. The stoma allows stool to leave the body, and its location on the abdomen depends on the surgery details. However, you still need a specific bag to collect the stool, which is called an irrigation sleeve attached around the stoma. Regular flushing helps control and manage waste output as the body gets used to releasing waste during these sessions. Over time, some patients may not need an ostomy system or can use a smaller bag or stoma cap.

Benefits of Irrigation Sleeves

1. Regulates the process of emptying the bowel at a scheduled time

2. Allows you to stay free of drainage for 24 to 48 hours.

3. Secure fit allows to create a leak-proof connection. 

3. Transparent color allows easy checking of output without taking off the irrigation sleeves. 

4. Designed for easy drainage of the irrigation sleeve.

5. Odor barrier film that prevents foul smell from the stoma output. 

6. The disposable sleeve has adhesive backing for extra support and a secure fit. It can be used with an irrigation faceplate.

7. Comes with a clamp to effectively seal the bottom of the drain.

8. Constructed from soft and skin-friendly materials to minimize irritation from ostomy and enhance comfort during wear.

How to Use Ostomy Irrigation Sleeve

1. Prepare Supplies: Collect sleeve, cone, water, and a towel.

2. Assemble and Fill: Attach cone to sleeve; fill container with lukewarm water.

3. Position and Empty: Sit comfortably; empty pouch if using.

4. Insert, Flow, and Empty: Insert lubricated cone; control water flow; wait for bowel to empty.

5. Remove, Clean, and Dry: Carefully remove cone; clean stoma and area; pat dry.

Why to Buy Irrigation Sleeve for Ostomy at Broadway Medical Supply?

Being supplier of comprehensive range of high-quality medical products and tools, we make sure you have the access to reliable and durable ostomy care solutions. Our irrigation sleeves are carefully chosen from trusted brands to help you empty your bowel on a schedule, making your daily life more predictable and convenient. When you use Broadway Medical Supply irrigation sleeve regularly, you can manage your ostomy more easily, leading to a better quality of life with increased comfort.