Clinical Analyzer Accessories

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Clinical Analyzer Accessories for Accurate and Safe Examinations 

Clinical analyzer accessories ensure a safe and optimal performance while monitoring samples and using a diagnosing machine. It helps maintain the hygiene, accuracy, and efficiency of the examination procedures in a clinical laboratory. While healthcare professionals ensure personal and basic safety measures, using the right accessories contributes to the final analysis of the reports. Premium quality laboratory equipment and accessories are a must for providing quality service to patients. 

What are the Applications of Clinical Analyzer Accessories? 

Sample Cup 

When collecting biological specimens, using a sample cup becomes necessary. It ensures the samples are isolated and not contaminated while testing. It helps hold blood, urine, or any other bodily fluids for efficient testing. 

Hematology Analyzer Cleaner 

When using a hematology analyzer, there is a high chance of residue buildup that can affect the accuracy of the results. Cleaning is not only important for précised results but also for ensuring a safe and hygienic environment. Using cleaners is, therefore, an essential accessory for clinical laboratories. 

Air Filter Kit 

During the testing process, the clinical analyzer needs to protect the sample from any exterior pollutants. An air filter kit helps prevent dust and particles from entering the machine and ensures that the testing samples are not contaminated. This is especially crucial when handling sensitive components. 


Septum is usually attached to the clinical analyzer equipment to prevent spillage or leak. It is a sealing component that creates an airtight seal for contamination-free and controlled injection of samples for testing. Using it during the examination of a specimen helps the lab [professional from coming in direct contact with the specimen. 

Thermal Printer Paper 

After a safe and accurate examination of a patient's specimen, sending a detailed report for the healthcare professional to read is vital. The thermal printer paper is a clinical analyzer accessory that attaches to the equipment and prints the exact results for patient records. 

Why Choose Clinical Analyzer Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Clinical analyzers and accessories are a major part of the healthcare sector. For treating a patient, having accurate specimen testing is crucial. This is the basis for doctors to prescribe medication to patients. Using a specimen sample cup, septum, print paper, and other accessories is a must. Broadway Medical Supply caters to all your laboratory needs, including equipment and accessories that ensure efficiency at work and précised results. Whether it is safety requirements or specific clinical supplies, you can find premium quality of everything under one roof.