Face Masks for Healthcare Professionals: Surgical, Procedure and Disposable

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Face masks are a crucial layer of protection designed to safeguard the health of self and everyone nearby. The mask acts as a barrier between the outside air and your nasal and mouth opening. Medical masks filter the air passing from the mask, which helps limit the spread of respiratory diseases. Doctors and nurses interact with several patients with different health issues daily. Hospital masks ensure the germs do not spread and protect the medical practitioner from falling ill. Many types of medical masks available at Broadway Medical Supply cater to various needs of hospitals. Whether reusable or disposable masks, face shields, lab coats, or other protective layers, Broadway Medical Supply focuses on delivering top-notch quality, prioritizing the health of the user.

Need for COVID Face Masks

Masks have become an essential product, especially after the world faced the outbreak of coronavirus. Today, it is not limited to the use of doctors and nurses but a necessity for commoners to protect themselves from harmful bacteria that can cause illness. COVID face masks are specially designed to filter airborne particles through the 5-layer protection system. The layers include an inner layer, support layer, filter layer, layer mask filter layer, and a ventilation fan on the outermost layer. The COVID masks form a seal around the nose and mouth to give complete protection.

Recently, the USA has again seen a rise in COVID cases, increasing the need to protect ourselves from the virus. Though not fatal, coronavirus is spreading again in the air. While the vaccination provided a recognizable control, the slow rise in cases is of concern. COVID face masks are the basic protection from the coronavirus. Broadway Medical Supply provides a variety of particulate respirator masks to support the increasing demand for the best masks for COVID. Using a mask regularly will ensure that the air you breathe is filtered and stops the virus from entering your body. Make sure to read the life of a COVID mask and replace it as and when needed for complete protection.

Types of Face Masks

Surgical Mask

Surgical hospital masks are for doctors performing surgical treatments. They are single-use masks with pleated tie closures that fit different face sizes easily. The easy-to-tie surgical masks give a close fit, protecting the medical practitioner from fluids and debris from the surgery table.

The layer of surgical masks is breathable and splash-resistant. Different masks have anti-fog and anti-glare features, making them comfortable when executing various surgeries. Duckbill is a type of surgical mask with a pouch-style design, making it ideal for lengthy surgical procedures as it provides better breathing space. There are surgical barrier masks to provide extra protection, especially during laser procedures.

Procedure Mask

Highly breathable and designed for long-hours use, procedure medical masks are a solution to prevent the spread of diseases from one person to another. It is specifically for doctors who treat several patients with different diseases. Wearing a procedure mask helps the doctor stay safe from virus transmission. It prevents the patients from getting in contact with any germs or respiratory droplets that the doctor can transmit. These masks are generally supported with soft ear loops for easy donning and a metal nose strip to provide needed grip and fit the facial contours of individuals. Procedure masks for adults and kids are available with and without eye shields.

Particulate Respirator Mask

The best masks for COVID, particulate respiratory masks provide 99.9% respiratory protection. It is ideal for patients, doctors, and the general public to prevent themselves from COVID. The most common type, N95 respirator mask, is a 9-layer mask that provides complete protection from particles that can spread infections and allergies. The N stands for non-resistance to oil. There are R and P respirator masks in the list of particulate masks, where R denotes resistance to oil and P denotes oilproof or strong resistance to oil. P100 is another common type after N95. Flat fold and valve cups are available as per the user's comfort.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Face Masks

Purpose of Using Face Mask

You can decide the type of mask depending on why a mask is needed. Whether the mask is for surgery, regular procedures, protection from COVID, etc., will help decide which mask to buy. Also, whether to go for the multi-layer, reusable, or single-use mask is determined based on the purpose of using a medical mask.


Your eyesight shouldn't fog when performing your tasks, especially during surgeries. A mask with anti-fog properties is crucial so that doctors and nurses can execute their tasks efficiently without hindrance to the view. For COVID masks, anti-fog allows users to wear masks for long hours without getting annoyed due to fog.

ASTM Level

All masks come with different American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) levels that decide the protection levels the mask will provide. There are 3 basic ASTM levels with the following use:

ASTM level 1: Level 1 is helpful when no or low fluid exposure is involved.

ASTM level 2: When there is a moderate risk of fluid exposure and where splashes are possible, level 2 is ideal.

ASTM level 3: Ideal for use when there is a high risk of splashes and spray production through fluid exposure.

Size, Fit, and Comfort

There are masks with one-size fit for all, kids' size, and free size that come with adjustable ties. Each size caters to different people and has a different fit. The COVID face masks you buy need to fit precisely without gaps between skin and mask to ensure the air that enters is filtered. The fit changes based on the type of strap every mask provides. There are masks with elastic straps, ear loops, and tie closure ends. Flat fold, valve, duckbill, pleated, etc., are a few shapes that provide comfort while being protected from viruses.

The face masks come with a rating mentioned as adult and not rated adult. Not-rated adults are suitable for all age groups, including children and adults.

Color of Masks

Face masks come in various colors, including blue, green, purple, white, etc. The main aim of having colors is to identify the level of protection needed. It helps recognize which patients a medical practitioner is dealing with based on hospital and clinic protocols. The color also makes it easy to understand which side is the outer side of the mask.

Material of Medical Masks

Different quality masks use different materials that decide the percent of bacteria protection the mask will provide. Also, whether the material used is breathable, soft, comfortable, etc., are a few things to consider before buying medical masks. Ensure the stitches are soft and have a donning loop for better support.

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for Best Masks for COVID

Hospital masks offer a simple and potent defense from harmful particles causing health risks. Ensuring the masks, you use are of approved quality is crucial for safety. A tested and approved mask has layers that deliver the needed security, breathability, and comfort in a single mask. Broadway Medical Supply has expertise in producing various medical equipment, focusing on delivering reliable and quality products that comply with the state's regulatory standards. Broadway Medical Supply offers COVID and medical masks that meet all the requirements and expectations of the user.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

1. What's The Difference Between N95 And Surgical Masks?

Surgical masks are designed to provide splash resistance when performing surgeries and generally have 3-layers of protection. Compared to N95, it’s a particulate respiratory mask with 9 layers of filters protecting you from the smallest particles. The masks are non-resistant to oil particles. N95 is ideal for the prevention of COVID.

2. Do Medical Masks Help with Poor Air Quality?

Yes, medical masks are a great protection from poor air quality. It filters out the dust and airborne germs from entering your body. It is always advisable to wear masks when outside to reduce the exposure to pollutants and germs.

3. Can COVID Masks Replace Other Preventive Measures?

COVID masks prevent the coronavirus from entering your nasal passages only when wearing the mask. The mask creates a barrier and filters the virus. However, it is impossible to wear the masks 24/7, so masks cannot replace other preventive measures needed for preventing COVID.

4. How Long Can I Keep Wearing the Same Respirator Mask?

Whether the mask is one-time use or reusable will decide if you can repeat wearing the same respirator mask. You can reuse the respirator masks until you can comfortably breathe and there is no visible dust or wear and tear to the mask.