Hip Protection

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Hip Protector – An Aid for Complete Protection from Injuries 

Hip protector pads are an essential medical supply for activities with a high chance of meeting falls and injuries. While it is an essential medical apparel for the elderly, it is even useful for people active in support and vigorous activities involving excessive hip strain. The Safehip active hip protector ensures that the user is safe and prevents chances of fractures and injury of the hip joint. While age weakens joints, using hip protection pads is the ultimate solution for complete protection. 

What are the Features of Hip Protector? 

Fall Protection 

A major reason for using a hip protector is to aid fall protection. With age, bone density goes low, and falling and meeting fractures and injuries increase. The Safehip active hip protector uses impact absorption foam, which helps protect the joint from severe injuries. When a person falls, the cushioning absorbs the tension, removing direct joint stress. 

Round-the-Clock Comfort 

Hip protection pads are apparel that can be worn every day to ensure safety. The material is breathable and comfortable to wear. It ensures that the sensitive skin is free from rash and allergies. 

Ease of Use 

Hip protectors are easy-to-wear apparel that comes with a simple hook-and-loop belt. It is easy for anyone to wear and remove it themselves. The protection pads can be worn on the top and under the clothing for ease of use and comfort. 

Durable Quality  

The material of the hip protector apparel is washable and Oeko-Tex certified, making it a valuable investment. It can easily last up to 80 to 100 washes, making it a durable product. 

Different Sizing for Perfect Fit 

The Safehip active hip protector is available in different sizes to fit every person. The design has a loop system that ensures perfect fit, and the cushions are perfectly angled at the hip to aid protection. 


The hip protection pads are latex-free. This ensures that anyone with an allergy to latex can also use hip protectors to prevent getting injured. It makes it safe for all types of skin, giving the patient a comfortable experience. 

Why Buy Hip Protector from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Using a hip protector as an aid to prevent injuries helps make a conscious decision toward one's own health. Those with weak bones need to ensure that using different medical apparel, like hip protectors, masks, cast shoes, etc., helps create complete protection. For hospitals to provide different apparel depending on the treatment is also a must. Broadway Medical Supply understands the different requirements and caters to an extensive range of apparel for hospitals and at-home care.