Overbed Table: Adjustable, Hospital Overbed Table with Wheels

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Adjustable Bedside Table in Healthcare Sector

Overbed table is a piece of furniture used in healthcare facilities with a flat surface mounted on a wheeled base. The wheels allow the bed table to move freely and operate with convenience. The bed tables are adjustable, which helps the patients adjust their height and angle according to their needs and preferences. The table's sole purpose is to provide a stable surface for patients while eating and drinking while staying in bed. The hospital bed table is also helpful for healthcare facilitators to place their laptops and monitors while caring for patients.

What Are the Uses of Overbed Tables in the Healthcare Sector?

Patient Convenience

The hospital bed table under furnishings offers a flat surface for patients for performing their day-to-day tasks. The table offers a stable surface for the patients as they can consume their meals safely while reducing the chances of spilling or having any accidents while balancing the trays on their laps.

Examination Purposes

The healthcare facilitators often need a temporary workstation to keep the documents while examining and consulting the patients. They can also use tables to place medical charts and laptops while communicating with patients or visitors.

Rest and Recovery

The overbed table with wheels can be adjusted into different positions, which ensures the patient is comfortable while eating/sleeping or resting and keeps their personal belongings. The ergonomic design of the bed tables helps provide proper rest to the patients, especially those facing mobility issues.


The bed table lets the patients do their day-to-day work, like eating, writing, and working at the convenience of their bed. This gives the patient a sense of dignity while staying in a hospital.

Patient Education

Healthcare providers utilize overbed tables for educational purposes to explain to the patients their medical conditions, treatment plans, and how they can take care of themselves after discharge.

Workstation for Caregivers

The hospital bed table is a temporary workstation for nurses and doctors to place patient documents, update medical records, and prepare patients' medications without leaving the bedside. This proximity enhances the workflow while enabling prompt responses to the patient's needs and requirements.

Space Optimization

In crowded hospital settings, where there are space restrictions, over-table tables provide a practical solution. They can be carried anywhere while helping optimize the floor space without having to compromise on taking care of the patients. The tables, being adjustable, can be positioned as per the requirement while allowing the healthcare facilitators to maximize the functionality and take care of patients.

Why Choose Overbed Table from Broadway Medical Supply

The overbed tables are a great option for patients to function while they are in their beds. Whether the patient wants to eat, use a laptop, or read a book, a hospital bed table is both functional and practical to use. At Broadway Medical Supply, we offer innovative solutions like bed tables, drawing chairs, round handle cane, etc., which are designed to provide optimal support, comfort, and care to patients, whether they are in a healthcare facility or at home.