Tubular Net Bandage and Elastic Netting Bandage

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Elastic Tubular Netting and Bandages for Wound Care

Tubular netting bandages are essential for general wound care to keep the dressing in place. The netting and bandage help apply slight pressure on the wound site, obliterate cavities, and speed up the recovery process by immobilizing and supporting the injured part. Ensuring the bandage and netting do not cause more infection requires opting for medical-grade quality. This allows the bandage to be safe and secure for the different wounds that require frequent dressings. Whether you have an injury on your leg or hand or have a surgical wound anywhere on your body, the features of wound care bandages aid in a perfect solution.

Features of Elastic Tubular Netting and Bandages

Elastic and Holds Memory

The tubular net bandages offer elasticity from both ends. This allows the bandage to apply comfortable pressure on the dressing and allow it to stay in place. The memory-holding feature makes it easy to reuse the bandage after changing the dressing.

Easy Movement and Comfort

The elastic tubular netting offers a contoured covering over the dressing, allowing immobilization of the wound site without restricting the movement. The material is soft and stretchable, which doesn’t cause skin irritation and gives you a comfortable feel during the healing process.

Ladder Proof

The tubular netting bandages offer a ladder proof feature, which makes them a run-resistant solution for your leaking wounds. It helps keep the wound site away from outside contaminants and even prevents drainage wounds by absorbing the fluids.


Many wound care bandages and retainers are reusable. After changing the dressing, the bandage can be reused if not contaminated. Remember, the bandage is reusable only for the same person and not for other patients.  

Why Buy Elastic Tubular Netting and Bandages from Broadway Medical Supply?

Elastic tubular netting and bandages in wound care support the wound site by compressing and holding the dressing. This helps the medicines to heal the wound and offer quick recovery. The netting and bandages are used when a patient has fragile, geriatric, pediatric, risky skin wounds, wet and dry dressings, or is allergic to tape bandages. Broadway Medical Supply has a wide variety of netting and bandages under general wound care, which allows you to choose the perfect size, fit, and comfort for quick recovery.