Penlight: Medical Pens with Lights

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Medical Penlight Online At Broadway Medical Supply

Healthcare providers use medical penlights during physical exams to thoroughly examine patients' eyes (pupil response), ears, throat, and skin. The concentrated light helps detect any irregularities or issues. With precise illumination, these penlights provide clear insights for accurate assessments and diagnoses in clinical settings like hospitals and clinics.

Types of Pens with Light for Intended Use:

Medical penlights come in two primary types for different intended uses:


Reusable penlights are designed for durability and long-term use. They are typically made of sturdy materials and can withstand repeated sterilization processes. These penlights are suitable for healthcare professionals who require a reliable tool for regular examinations.


Disposable penlights are designed for single-use purposes. They are made from materials that may not withstand repeated sterilization but offer the advantage of being hygienic and convenient. Disposable penlights are suitable in environments where it's crucial to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, particularly in clinics and hospitals.

Hand-held Wood Light

Hand-held wood lights are utilized in educational contexts for criminology studies and industrial inspections. They are constructed with precision using optically ground and polished glass. They serve as valuable tools for educational purposes, aiding in the understanding of various topics, including the detection of specific skin disorders and procedures related to rape detection. The design and features of these lights make them a reliable resource for students and professionals in diverse fields of study.

How to Use Pen Light Medical?

To use a medical penlight, simply activate the on/off switch. Direct the light towards the area requiring examination, such as the eyes, throat, or skin. Maintain a close distance for optimal illumination. Keep it clean, especially in clinical settings. Familiarize yourself with the penlight's features and follow standard procedures for thorough and accurate examinations.

Why to Buy Medical Pen Light from Broadway Medical Supply?

At Broadway Medical Supply find accurate and dependable medical penlights, providing a reliable light source for precise examinations. A penlight is an essential tool for nurses, doctors, and medical staff. Our Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies adhere to strict medical standards and meet the expectations of professionals who prioritize hygiene and commit to delivering quality care.