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pH Indicators for Helping Different Clinical Examinations

PH test strips and indicator papers are widely used in lab testing to help understand the solution and specimen. These pH test papers are infused with a pH-sensitive compound that allows them to change color as they come into contact with an external substance. The color change indicates whether the substance is acidic or alkaline in nature. There are multiple tests for which pH indicators and strips are used. This study of substances is useful in clinical laboratories to derive accuracy in testing and examination.

What are the Uses of pH Indicators in Clinical Laboratory?

1. Acid-Base Balance Test

Patient specimens include blood, urine, stool, and other bodily fluids. Using pH test strips helps to understand and measure these patient samples' alkalinity and acidic levels. The results will help the healthcare professional to diagnose the root cause of illness and prescribe medicine accordingly.

2. Titration Procedures

Titration procedures are a common practice in clinical laboratories, and they help determine the nature and concentration of unknown solutions. Titrant is a known solution added to an unknown substance, and then, using pH indicators, the substance's nature is studied.

3. Urine Analysis

Urine infections have become a common problem. Using pH test paper helps to know the acidic levels of the urine and allows the doctor to provide treatment depending on the infection's severity.

4. Microbiological Tests

pH indicators are most useful in microbiological testing to assess the pH of growth media for culturing microorganisms. Different microorganisms have specific pH ranges that they require for growth. pH indicators help in preparing optimal growth conditions.

5. Vaginal Testing

Using vaginal pH test paper helps the doctor to instantly analyze the pH levels of the vagina and understand the reasons for different gynecological conditions. The pH test strip results allow the doctor to give treatment accordingly to ensure quick recovery.

6. Research and Development

PH test strips and indicators are an essential part of research and development. It allows the professionals in clinical laboratory to study different drug interactions and disease mechanisms based on pH level changes. This allows for development in the field of medical science.

Why Choose pH Indicators from Broadway Medical Supply?

pH test strips and indicators are an essential clinical laboratory supply that allows for detailed analysis and examination of patient samples and medications. While it is a huge part of research and development, these small pieces of paper can provide a lot of efficiency. Choosing pH indicators with the right levels of pH sensitivity is ideally the best to use. Broadway Medical Supply caters to pH test strips with different pH scales to ensure all laboratory needs are fulfilled. There are other tubes, racks, and testing equipment needed for clinical examinations.