Ear Piercer

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Ear Piercer: A Safer Alternative to Needle Piercings   

A ear piercer, also known as ear piercing gun, are medical instruments specially designed to pierce earlobes. They work by punching a hole in the earlobe and driving a pointed starter earring through it. The reason why ear piercers are preferred over other methods is that they are easy to use, accurate, durable, reliable and painless. They are also safe for children as they cause minimal discomfort and do not expose the child’s other delicate features to the needle, thus reducing any chances of infections. 

Why You Should Use an Ear Piercer? 


One of the main advantages of using a ear piercer is convenience. The piercing, stud insertion, and back attachment can be quickly accomplished in a single swift motion. This makes it an ideal option for those who may not tolerate the multiple-stage approach of needle piercing and for those have trypanophobia or a fear of needles.   

Minimal Bleeding 

Piercing the earlobes with a ear piercing gun causes minimal bleeding when compared to needle piercing, making it the best option for individuals who have a fear of blood or a preference for a cleaner procedure.    

How Does an Ear-piercing Device Work?  

When an individual visits the doctor's office for a ear piercing, the location of the piercing will be marked; then, a pre-sterilized piercing device will be used. A piercing device is shaped like a gun. It uses a spring-loaded action to push a pointed earring through the earlobe once the trigger is pressed.   

The earring or piercing stud is made from surgical or hypoallergenic metals like gold or titanium. They might also have posts that are thicker than normal earring posts and backings that snap onto the post once the ear is successfully pierced.  

Disposable ear piercer devices have plastic cartridges that can be replaced after each use. These plastic cartridges are preloaded with the backing and earring for ease of use.  

Why Choose Ear Piercer from Broadway Medical Supply?  

Ear piercing is a sensitive process. Using a ear piercer can make it more hygienic, bearable and safe procedure. It is pre-sterilized to reduce any chances of cross-contamination and preloaded for quick use. Broadway Medical Supply offers sterile, preloaded, disposable, and non-disposable ear piercers. The trigger is tested on various parameters for reliable performance. Broadway Medical Supply also supplies other quality tools and equipment that are used to ensure safe practices.