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IV Extension Sets Facilitate the Safe and Easy Administration of IV Fluids

IV extension sets work as an addition to IV therapy and are crucial to ensure smooth functioning of IV infusion. By providing additional length and functionality to intravenous lines, IV administration sets ensure the efficiency and safety of intravenous therapy while improving patient comfort.

Features of IV Administration Sets


IV extension sets allow healthcare providers to lengthen the IV line, making it easier to connect to the IV catheter or cannula. This can be particularly beneficial if the IV pump or bag needs to be placed at a distance from the patient.


In situations where patients need to move or change positions, such as during ambulation or transfers, IV extension sets make movement easy while ensuring continuous infusion.

Multiple Infusions

Sometimes, patients require multiple infusions or medications at one time. In such cases, IV sets make it easy to connect multiple IV bags or syringes to the main IV line, thus allowing for simultaneous administration of different medications or fluids.

Reduces Contamination Risk

Extending the length of the IV-line, can prevent contamination of the primary IV tubing. For example, if a healthcare provider needs to access the IV line for frequently administration medications or drawing blood, they can utilize the extension set to minimize the risk of introducing pathogens into the primary line.


IV sets come in various lengths and configurations, allowing healthcare providers to customize the IV administration setup according to the specific needs of the patient and the clinical situation.

Blood Transfusion

Blood and blood products, such as red blood cells, platelets, and plasma, can be quickly and easily administered intravenously through specialized blood administration sets.

Components of IV Sets

Drip Chamber

This is where the fluid from the IV bag enters the IV tubing. It allows healthcare providers to easily monitor the flow rate of the fluid and ensures that air bubbles do not enter the patient's bloodstream.


IV tubing is a flexible plastic tube that connects the IV bag or container to the patient's vein. It comes in different lengths and diameters, depending on the requirements of the medical procedure.

Injection Port/Valve

This is a valve along the tubing where additional medications or fluids can be injected into the IV line without compromising the integrity of the entire system.

Flow Regulator

Some IV sets also have a flow regulator that allows healthcare providers to control the amount of fluid or medication administered to the patient.

Y-Site Connector

This component allows for the simultaneous administration of multiple IV fluids or medications. It branches off from the main IV line and connects to the additional tubing

Needle or Catheter

This is a needle or catheter inserted into the vein of the patient for administration of fluid or medications

Why Choose Iv Administration Sets from Broadway Medical Supply?

IV administration sets play a crucial role in modern healthcare settings by facilitating the safe and efficient delivery of fluids, medications, and other substances into the patient's bloodstream. They come in various types, sizes and configurations to meet the diverse needs of medical procedures and patient care. Broadway Medical Supply offers IV extension sets that make it easy and convenient for healthcare workers to administer different types of fluids to patients. Broadway Medical Supply also provides high-quality IV accessories that optimize infusions, reduce infections and safeguard vascular access sites.