Super Absorbent Floor Mats and Adhesive Floor Mat

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Adhesive Floor Mat For Comfort And Protection

Having a strong floor mat is essential to avoid slipping and falling. In places like healthcare facilities, these mats help keep the area clean by preventing dirt from coming inside. They're also good for drainage at entrances and can handle things with wheels, like wheelchairs, strollers, and hospital trolleys. So, besides keeping people safe from slipping, these mats serve multiple purposes in making sure the place stays clean and accessible, especially in places where wheeled equipment is commonly used. In simpler terms, they're like safety mats that do more than just prevent slips; they help keep things clean and easy to move around.

Things to Know Before Buying Super Absorbent Floor Mat

You may envision floor mats primarily for efficient absorption, yet there are different types with diverse purposes:

Adhesive Floor Mat

Adhesive floor mats are made of a strong, sticky material that captures dirt and contaminants. They're used in cleanrooms, labs, and healthcare places, preventing the spread of particles and keeping controlled environments clean.

Absorbent Floor Mat

An absorbent floor mat, made from materials like polyester and cellulose, is used in places like kitchens and healthcare facilities. It soaks up moisture, preventing slips and keeping the area safe and clean.

Antifatigue Mat

An anti-fatigue floor mat is constructed from resilient materials, commonly rubber or foam, to reduce the burden on your legs in situations where you might have to stand too long. It is usually used in environments like kitchens, workshops or industrial settings.  These mats make standing comfier and help lessen fatigue.

Benefits of Using Floor Mats in Housekeeping

Using sticky floor mats helps keep your place clean by catching dirt. Absorbent floor mats stop spills from ruining the floor. These mats work together to make your space safer, cleaner, and cozier, making housekeeping tasks easier and looking out for everyone inside.

Why to Buy Absorbent Floor Mat from Broadway Medical Supply

Floor mats are important for keeping a space clean by stopping dust and germs from getting in. This is true whether you're at home, in a hospital room, or a lab. Broadway Medical Supply understands how floor mats make a difference in providing a secure grip when moving around and a comfortable experience when standing on them. We also offer other high-quality housekeeping tools to make your daily life easier.