Drainage & Suction Accessories: Drain bags, Connector Tubing, Suction Tips and Canisters

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Drainage and Suction Accessories for Quicker Recovery

Drain bags and suction tips are widely available to help with drainage and suction of wounds during and after surgeries. A simple procedure of draining wounds can impact recovery time and help healthcare professionals by providing a clear vision of the intersected body during surgeries and procedures. Drain tubes and suction instruments are used to clean the wound and facilitate faster healing.

What is the Need for Drainage and Suction Accessories?

Prevents Collection of Fluid in the Body

A surgical or infected wound has a high chance of body fluid getting collected due to the natural body healing process. Using a suction canister along with drain tubes helps suck and collect the body fluids in drain bags.

Removes Dead Space

Dead space or air pockets in the wounds can induce infections. Using a drainage system is needed to remove the dead space. Active drainage helps apply pressure that helps pull fluid and gas from the cavities of the wound.

Helps Identify Collected Fluid

Post-surgery, many fluids get collected. These fluids can contain infection-causing germs. When collected in drain bags, it becomes easy to test the fluids and understand if there is anything that can cause severe infections or disease.

Decreases Risk of Infections

If the fluids are not drained, they can cause infections and even turn into septic. As the fluids are sucked and drained using suction catheter kits and trays, all the infection-causing germs are released.

Prevents Saturation of Bandages

Using drainage and suction accessories helps drain liquid, preventing bandage saturation. This allows you to reduce the frequency of changing the dressings and makes them reusable for a longer time.

What are the Different Drainage and Sanction Accessories?

Here is a list of a few accessories used in hospitals for drainage and suction – 

  • Suction Canisters
  • Fistula and Wound Drainage Pouch
  • Suction Tips
  • Hydrophobic Filter
  • Drain Bags
  • Suction Pump
  • Suction Catheter Kits and Trays
  • Connector Tubing
  • Canister Bracket

Why Buy Drainage and Suction Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply?

Choosing sterile and good-quality drainage and suction accessories is vital to ensure quick healing with safe and secure measures. Broadway Medical Supply provides drain tubes, suction instruments, and other drainage and suction supplies to ensure that every wound and cavity is treated with the best options. You can even buy a range of surgical equipment and recovery supplies to ensure improved patient service and lifestyle.