Medical Shower Chair: Commode Chair, Shower Stool, Portable Toilet

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The medical industry has been extensively working towards offering medical supplies that bring ease, comfort, and better living for everyone in need. Broadway Medical Supply provide efficient and reliable ambulatory equipment ranging from a wheelchair, rollator, medical shower chair, cane, and others. The aim is to aid people and build independence and confidence to perform all activities without a caregiver.

An ambulatory equipment commode or shower chair is designed to provide stability and required mobility with complete privacy. The design makes it ideal for daily use, reducing the difficulty of reaching the bathroom frequently. Whether due to an injury or age-related factors, mobility equipment is available at a value that justifies its purpose. From being a portable device, medical chairs have all the required features making them comfortable and convenient mobility equipment.

Features of Medical Chair


Being lightweight is a feature that makes using a medical chair quite easy for a person needing support. It becomes easy for them to carry the chair themselves without needing an extra hand to perform basic activities. 


The leg of the medical chair equipped with rubber tips provides a good grip when placed on a flat surface. The rubber ends to make sure that chair doesn’t skid due to water contact preventing the fear of falls and injuries.

Removable Components

The medical chair comes with detachable components making it versatile in catering needs of people. The removable backseat, arms, and bucket for the commode are a few components that are easily adjusted based on requirements.

Adjustable Height

The medical chairs easily adjust to different heights depending on individual needs. While different types of chairs have different height options, the standard height available ranges from 13 inches to 22 inches.

Drainage Holes

Medical shower chair comes with holes that allow water to drain while a person showers. Drainage holes are essential to avoid water logging in the seat, making it inconvenient for the user to maintain hygiene.

Easy to Assemble

The medical chairs come with an easy instruction manual that shows the process of assembling the chair. It even has removable components with easy-to-assemble features, making it suitable for every age group.

Types of Medical Chairs Available at Broadway Medical Supply

Medical Commode Chair: A commode chair at Broadway Medical Supply is available in different variants with steel, aluminum, or plastic components to make it multifunctional. A few variants are as follows with their features:

Fixed Arm Commode Chair: It's a steel frame and powder coated, with a plastic armrest. Weight capacity is 350 pounds with adjustable height and removable back bar and commode bucket for easy use.

Drop Arm and Padded Backrest: Heavy-duty steel body with a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. The padded back and armrest provide comfort, while removable arms are ideal for wheelchair users and bariatric needs.

Mesh Backrest with Wheels: A rust-free, lightweight medical portable toilet has a removable plastic commode. It has 300 lbs weight capacity and wheels with locking castors. It has a mesh backrest and padded armrest for comfort.

Medical Shower Chair: Shower chairs come with either a commode-style seat or a seat with drainage holes, making it easy for water to drain while showering. One variant has a mesh backrest that quickly dries, while the other comes with a removable backrest for better cleaning and use. A removable bucket commode option also easily converts a medical commode chair into a shower chair.

Medical Shower Stool or Bath Bench: Bath bench or shower stool is available in aluminum and plastic body, making it rust-proof and tarnish-resistant. There are many varieties with different height adaptability. There are stools with fixed, removable, or no backrest, fixed, removable, and no armrests. It has one push button to adjust the height of the bath bench easily. A curve seat makes it comfortable. A bath bench attachment for the bathtub has a built-in soap dish and drainage holes.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Medical Chair


Using a medical commode chair or shower chair in places with water can be slippery. Ensuring it has a good grip and a non-skid feature is the utmost factor when buying a medical chair.

Weight Capacity and Diameter of Chair

Different people have different requirements, especially regarding the weight and size of a chair. For a bariatric patient, a chair with appropriate diameter and weight capacity is ideal for comfort. It's important to consider the weight-bearing capacity of the chair to prevent falls and make the safety of users a top priority.

Features Needed

Based on comfort and medical needs, one can choose from different features ranging from removable components, cushioning and shape of seat available, and height adjustments available in a particular medical chair. Investing in a chair that caters to all the requirements is a must for a convenient experience.

Mobility Needs

A medical chair that needs to be placed near a person's bed or can come with wheels making it a portable option. Depending on the mobility requirements of the person, one can choose from various chairs available for shower and toilet use.

Benefits of Buying a Medical Chair

Support and Safety

A medical chair provides support when standing while taking a shower is difficult. Whether using a commode chair or bath bench, the backrest and arm support helps reduce strain on the body. Rubber tips prevent a person from falling or getting injured due to slippery surfaces.


Medical chairs are designed using materials that make them lightweight. It also comes with removable components and wheels making it a portable option whenever going out.

Freedom and Independence

Medical chairs are easy to assemble and lightweight. This makes it convenient for users to perform activities solely. Having privacy while using toilets and taking a shower without shying away is important for physical and mental well-being. The medical chair provides freedom and independence, making a person mentally relaxed and confident, eventually enhancing the healing process.

Personal Hygiene

Privacy and personal hygiene are always a question, and Broadway Medical Supply chairs understand its importance. The chairs are easy to use and remove the fear of dependency, making users maintain their hygiene without embarrassment.

Why Choose Broadway Medical for Medical Chair

Broadway Medical Supply focuses on delivering supreme quality while ensuring the ergonomics add to the user's comfort. They make sure that whether it is a medical shower chair, commode, or bath bench, it’s durable, functional, and meets the hygiene standards that a person requires while using the product. The commitment to providing safe and adjustable medical supply equipment is a quality that makes Broadway Medical Supply an ideal choice for all medical needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Medical Shower Chairs Adjustable?

The medical shower chair at Broadway Medical Supply has different variants that you can choose from. Each variant has different adjustment options, including a push button to adjust the height, a removable backrest, a detachable commode bucket, and an adjustable armrest for wheelchairs. Depending on needs, adjust a shower chair to have a comfortable experience.

2. Can A Medical Shower Chair Be Used in Both Showers and Bathtubs?

There is different shower equipment for use in the shower and bathtub. The medical shower chair comes with holes in the seat, allowing water to drain easily. It is difficult to place the chair in a bathtub; hence, a medical shower stool and bath bench are available. The bath bench even comes with a soap dish, drainage holes, and rubber stops to prevent scratches on the bathtub.

3. Can Medical Portable Toilets Be Used by Individuals of Any Age?

Yes, medical portable toilets are for everyone, whether teenagers or adults, a portable toilet provides users with a private and hygienic experience. Mobility equipment design provides support and replaces the difficulty of using traditional toilets. It comes with height adjustability and easy cleaning features making it a convenient ambulatory equipment commode.

4. Is A Medical Commode Chair Easy to Use and Clean?

The medical commode chair at Broadway Medical Supply comes with detachable bucket options, which makes it easy to use and clean. The design gives freedom to use a medical chair without any assistance from a caregiver. The 12-quart bucket allows more uses and has an easy glide and splash shield feature to ensure hygiene and better disposal.