Cast Removal

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Stainless Steel Cutting Blade for Removing Cast Efficiently

The cast cutting blade is often used to remove the old casts, hard bandages and plasters. The stainless-steel cutting blade must have a sharp edge as it must cut open the cast, which is made up of dense and complex materials. The blade runs at a specific frequency without causing any harm to the skin beneath the cast. These instruments are mostly used to remove casts which are made of fiberglass or plaster.

What is a Cast Removal Blade?

A cast saw blade is a circular saw blade made of strong and durable materials like stainless steel or titanium nitride which ensure long term durability. The stainless-steel cutting blade is specially designed for orthopedic cast saws to avoid any injuries to the patients during the procedure.

The blade's design has a specific tooth configuration that protects the patients from being cut during the process. The modern cast removals have specialized blades designed for enhancing the efficiency of the cast removal process.

Benefits of Using Cast Removal

Efficiency and Precision

The cast cutting blade is designed for cutting through the casts with precision while eliminating the risk of causing an injury to the patient. Also, modern cast cutting blades have a specific tooth configuration that makes it safer compared to traditional cast removal instruments.


The cast cutting blades have minimized the heat generation and vibration which causes pain and discomfort to the patients while removing the cast.

Reduced Dust and Debris

The cast removal has reduced production of dust while cutting the cast, which helps create a cleaner environment.


The cast cutting blades can effectively cut through the different types of casts such as plasters and fiberglass, making it a versatile choice for orthopedics.

Why Choose Cast Removal from Broadway Medical Supply?

Cast saw blades are designed to make precise cuts through the dense casting materials without causing any damage to the patient, making them essential for any facility that removes cast. Investing in a high-quality cast removal blade is essential for ensuring precision cuts. Broadway Medical Supply offers superior quality cast cutting blades made from sturdy stainless steel ensuring it is a durable choice. Apart from cast removal, we also have a variety of instruments that are made from superior grade materials for day-to-day use.