Vaginal Speculum: Disposable, Plastic Speculum for Medical Examinations

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Disposable Vaginal Speculum For Hygenic Pelvic Examination

A vaginal speculum is a medical device that helps examine a woman's pelvic area. It helps observe the cervix and do a thorough internal exam to understand and address health problems without going through complicated investigation procedures. Other than examination, the plastic speculum is also used for procedures like – biopsy, colposcopy, In Virto Fertilization, vaginal hysterectomy, endometrial ablation, dilation and curettage (D & C), etc. Broadway Medical Supply offers high-grade disposable speculum, which ensures all surgical procedures and examinations are safe.

How to Use Vaginal Speculum?

Step 1 – Prepare and Inform the Patient

Informing the patient about the procedure of vaginal examination is vital to make them comfortable and relaxed. As a healthcare professional, ask the patient if they have any doubts before you begin using the plastic speculum. Vaginal examination requires some steps that the patient needs to follow. Before examination, ask the patient to empty the bladder. Depending on the procedure, ensure that the patient is not wearing any clothes.

Step 2 – Start with Sanitization 

Now that the patient is ready for the examination, having the examination platform prepped is vital. Ensure everything is sanitized, from bed to equipment. Keep gloves, lubricant, vaginal speculum, and other needed medical essentials handy while the patient is preparing for the procedure. In the case of surgical procedures, keep medical instruments and emergency supplies ready to avoid delays and complications.

Step 3 – Prepare the Speculum

Start with preparing the disposable vaginal speculum. Plastic speculum can get difficult to insert in the vagina without any greasy substance. Using a gel, lubricate the speculum for smooth and pain-free insertion. Before applying the lubricant, sanitize the speculum for added safety.

Step 4 – Insert the Disposable Vaginal Speculum

Once the speculum is prepared, warn the patient before inserting it in their vagina. To insert, hold the vaginal speculum in your right hand and use your left-hand part of the labia to access the vagina. Slowly insert in the vagina with the screw part facing upwards. Rotate it at 90 degrees while inserting, and then slowly open the blades to expand the vaginal walls.

Why Buy Vaginal Speculum from Broadway Medical Supply?

Disposable vaginal speculum helps maintain hygiene and allows for a clear examination of the pelvis. The vagina is sensitive and prone to infections easily. Broadway Medical Supply understands the hygiene and quality concerns and offers nonsterile, office-grade plastic speculum. You can use different sizes, which helps ensure patient comfort during different procedures.