Hospital and Medical Stretchers: Efficient Transport and Care with Bariatric Gurneys

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Gurneys and stretchers are vital tools that serve as the backbone of patient mobility and care. While hospital gurneys are designed to transport patients within medical facilities, slightly different in terms of functions, stretchers are often used for patient examination and surgical procedures. Owing to their significance in patient well-being, this ambulatory equipment must be of top quality and equipped with utmost precision for safety and comfort. Understanding the importance of gurneys and stretchers in a healthcare setting, we at Broadway Medical Supply provide a range of medical stretchers and gurneys designed thoughtfully to cater to diverse medical settings and requirements. Whether it is for transferring patients securely within a hospital, conducting diagnostic procedures, or surgical interventions, our range of hospital stretchers and gurneys provide the ideal blend of functionality and patient comfort.   

Types of Medical Stretchers Available at Broadway Medical Supply  

Bariatric Gurney  

Designed with precision to handle larger weight capacities, the bariatric gurney by Broadway Medical Supply assures the utmost support and security for safely transporting heavier patients. The sturdy construction, reinforced frames, and specialized materials of the bariatric gurney assure lasting use and top-level comfort to the patients. These gurneys effortlessly blend high-weight capacity with patient well-being, ensuring that individuals with unique needs are transferred with attention, care, and security.  


Hospital stretchers offer healthcare professionals a versatile and dependable platform for a number of patient-related tasks. Whether it is patient examination, conducting intricate surgical procedures, or diagnostic tests, medical stretchers provide a stable and comfortable foundation. With patient safety at the forefront, stretchers are designed with features like adjustable height for easy access and side rails that prevent accidental falls. This versatility and commitment to patient comfort ensure that healthcare procedures are conducted effortlessly with both patient and medical professionals at ease throughout. Broadway Medical Supply understands the importance of these crucial tools and provides them with the utmost care and attention for top-level quality and patient care.  

Features of These Hospital Stretchers and Gurneys   

Adjustable Height: The capability to adjust the height ensures ease of patient transfer and accommodates different healthcare scenarios. 

Side Rails: Side rails provide additional patient safety during transportation, preventing accidental falls. 

IV Pole Mounts: These mounts facilitate the attachment of intravenous poles for administering fluids or medication during patient transport. 

Radiolucent Tabletop: Radiolucent tabletops are compatible with imaging equipment, ensuring uninterrupted procedures such as X-rays or fluoroscopy. 

Undercarriage Storage: Ample undercarriage storage space allows for the convenient storage of essential medical equipment and supplies. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Hospital Stretchers and Gurneys 

Patient Weight Capacity: Determining the bariatric gurney or medical stretcher’s weight capacity is of utmost importance to ensure it helps the safe transport of the intended patient.  

Stretcher Dimensions: Assessing stretcher dimensions helps determine its compatibility with different medical settings and the patient’s comfort.  

Brake system: A secure and responsive brake system ensures that the gurney or stretcher remains in place during the patient transport.  

Durability and constructions: consider the construction materials and the durability of the gurney or stretcher to ensure longevity and performance.  

Patient safety: Ease of patient accessibility and features like side rails contribute to patient safety.  

Various Uses of Hospital Gurneys and Stretchers  

Like other transfer equipment, gurneys and stretchers also encourage smooth patient transfer. Hospital gurneys and stretchers are commonly used for the following applications:  

Transferring patients: Gurneys and stretchers are essential for transferring patients safely and efficiently between medical facilities. Given the requirement, other ambulatory equipment like transfer sheets, transfer benches, transfer boards, and immobilizers are also used.  

Examination and Diagnosis: The medical stretchers and gurneys provide a stable platform for examination and diagnostic procedures. The procedure can be complemented by using other equipment like transfer sheets, transfer benches, and transfer boards.  

Surgical procedures: This ambulatory equipment offer a secure and reliable base for surgical interventions. Making patient transport easy and promoting effective patient mobility, the hospital stretchers and gurneys enhance overall efficiency on the premises.   

Precautions to Take While Using Hospital Gurneys and Stretchers  

Secure the patient before transport 

Always ensure the patient is securely positioned before initiating transportation. This includes ensuring the patient is comfortable and adequately restrained with safety straps or side rails. Effective securing prevents accidental falls and ensures the patient's well-being throughout transport. 

Ensure proper wheel locking.  

Verify that the wheel locking mechanisms are engaged to prevent unintended movement. Properly locked wheels are vital, especially during patient transfers or when the gurney or stretcher is in a stationary position, to minimize the risk of accidents. 

Avoid overloading 

Adhere to the recommended weight capacity to prevent strain and damage to the equipment. Overloading can compromise the structural integrity of the gurney or stretcher, posing a risk to both the patient and the healthcare professionals. Staying within the specified weight limits is essential for safety. 

Check equipment regularly  

Regular equipment checks ensure that gurneys and stretchers remain in optimal working condition. Scheduled inspections identify wear and tear, loose components, or malfunctioning parts that may compromise the equipment's safety and performance. Maintaining equipment in good condition is vital for patient safety. 

Ensure the use of effective lifting techniques. 

Use proper lifting techniques to protect both patients and healthcare professionals during transfers. Proper lifting techniques reduce the risk of strain, injuries, or accidents during patient handling. Adequate training in these techniques is essential for the well-being of both the patient and the caregivers.  

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for Hospital Gurneys and Stretchers  

As a trusted provider of medical ambulatory equipment and accessories, Broadway Medical Supply stands as a reliable choice for several compelling reasons. With effective solutions, our range of offerings assures durable performance. Our extensive product range includes a variety of gurneys and stretchers, each designed to cater to diverse performance and medical requirements. Prioritizing your safety and comfort, we incorporate a customer-centric approach to tailor our offerings to your unique needs. With an aim to provide quality and innovative medical equipment, we at Broadway Medical Supply are committed to supporting healthcare professionals and ensuring patient well-being.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is a Gurney Vs Stretcher?

A gurney and a stretcher are terms often used interchangeably, but there are some subtle differences. Both are wheeled devices designed to transport patients within medical facilities. A stretcher typically refers to a flat, elongated platform with a mattress for the patient to lie on, and it often includes features like adjustable height and side rails. On the other hand, a gurney is a type of stretcher with wheels, and the term "gurney" is commonly used in clinical and emergency settings.

2. Do You Put a Mattress on a Stretcher Bed?

Yes, stretchers typically come with a mattress or padding for patient comfort and safety. The mattress provides cushioning and support during patient transport, examinations, and medical procedures.

3. Can Medical Stretchers Be Folded or Stored Easily?

Medical stretchers are available in various designs. Some stretchers are designed to be foldable or collapsible for compact storage when not in use, making them easy to store.

 4. What Is the Weight Limit for the Bariatric Gurney?

The weight limit for a bariatric gurney varies depending on the specific model and manufacturer. These gurneys are specially designed to accommodate heavier patients and weight capacities typically range from 500 to 1,000 pounds or more, ensuring the safe transportation of individuals with unique needs. It's important to check the weight limit specified by the manufacturer for the bariatric gurney.