Urological Accessories: Catheter Holders and Catheter Stabilization devices

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Urology Accessories Making Life Easier

Urology accessories are a helpful medical supply that helps make life easier and brings confidence to patients with urological disorders. Urology deals with the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra of both males and females. For a healthcare center, providing catheter holders, tube clamps, drainage bag holders, and other accessories becomes essential. It ensures quality treatment is offered and helps with leakage and difficulty sensing the urge to urinate. Using a urinary bag and attaching it using a leg strap and catheter holder keeps the bag hidden, maintaining the patient’s dignity.

Which Treatments Require the Use of Urology Accessories?

Urinary Retention

Urine retention occurs when the person is unable to empty the bladder at once or feels immense pain and pressure while urinating. This problem is very common in men. With the help of a catheter, the patient can easily empty the bladder into a bag. A catheter holder keeps the tube in place and can be attached to a leg using a leg strap.

Urinary Incontinence

Urine incontinence is a sudden and uncontrolled urge to pass urine. Sometimes, it even leads to leaks and can cause embarrassment. It is very common in women having frequent urinary tract infections. Using a catheter stabilization device, the doctor attaches the catheter tube to the leg.

Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions can affect the sensation of passing urine. Post-pregnancy and surgeries, bladder weakness, nerve damage, dementia, spinal injury, etc., are a few conditions that require using a urine bag and catheter to help urinate. With the help of a tube clamp, catheter plug, leg bag holder, and other accessories, it becomes easy to roam around with the catheter attached.

Different Types of Urology Accessories 

Different urology accessories help support the urine pass easily. A few include the following –  

  • Catheter Strap
  • Leg Bag Holder
  • Urinary Drain Bag Holder
  • Leg Strap Holder
  • catheter stabilization device  
  • Tube Clamp
  • Catheter Holder
  • Catheter Plug

Why Buy Urology Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply?

While the healthcare professional attaches the catheter to collect urine and treats the underlying cause side-by-side, using urology accessories helps cover and hold the urine collection parts and accessories. Leg straps, catheter holders, drainage bags, tube clamps, plugs, etc., are a few accessories you can find on Broadway Medical Supply. The accessories are made with the patient's comfort in mind and allow them to live a dignified life without interrupting daily activities.