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Vials For Specimen Sample Storage 

A vial is a small container used to store different liquids, solids, and even gases. These vials are available in different various sizes and shapes. They are accompanied by caps, which make it handy to store specific types of samples with complete safety. A vial is manufactured using glass or plastic material to provide durability. 

In a clinical laboratory, a vial is used for the storage of medicines, vaccines, and other laboratory samples. The most common vials used in a clinical laboratory are empty and glass vials. They are useful tools in research, healthcare, and pharma where there is a need for precise storage and handling of liquids. 

Types of Vials Used in Clinical Laboratories

1. Empty Vial

As the name suggests, the empty vial is empty and has no substance or liquid present. Pathologists commonly use empty vials to store the solutions and samples. They are made from glass or plastic, which can sustain extremely high to extremely low temperatures. 

2. Universal Viral Transport Vial

These vials are made to collect and transport specimen samples to diagnose the same. The UVT is used to store and sample respiratory viruses like influenza and SARS and the virus that causes COVID-19. This vial has features that ensure the stored specimen sample remains safe and is not contaminated during transfer. 

3. Glass Vial

A glass vial is made entirely from transparent glass, which offers great durability to pathologists. They are beneficial when storage of certain chemicals is required, which will quickly react with plastic vials. They are mostly used in laboratories to store samples, compounds, and reference materials. They are available in many shapes and sizes but mostly in clear or amber-colored glass. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Vial?

Safeguarding the Specimen Samples

The vials are a safe and secure container used to store samples, chemicals, and sensitive substances. They act as a barrier from external environmental factors affecting the sample, like light, moisture, and contaminants.


The vials are designed so that they do not leak or spill while carrying them from one place to another or storing them. Their safety minimizes the risk of accidents or chemical exposure in a clinical laboratory.

Versatile to store

Vials are found in various sizes and shapes, which pathologists can use to store materials, be it liquids, solids, powders, or even gases. 


The vials have a strong body that won't break when they are dropped by accident or while traveling. 

Why Choose Vials from Broadway Medical Supply?

A vial is an essential part of the medical field for storing various types of laboratory samples. Choosing a superior quality vial is essential to keep the samples intact and increase productivity. At Broadway Medical Supply, you will find a variety of superior-quality vials. We have a wide range of Laboratory Glassware and Plasticware products, which consist of tubes, Petri dishes, slide cover slips, microplates, and many more products that will enhance productivity at the clinical laboratory.