Crutches: Forearm & Underarm Support Crutches for Improved Mobility

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Buy Forearm Crutches at the Best Price

A kind of medical equipment that aids in ambulation, crutches help transfer the body weight from the legs to the torso and arms. Primarily available to assist individuals with extreme injuries or neurological impairment in the lower part of the body, using reliable and supportive underarm or forearm crutches help with necessary support and stability.

Understanding the importance of providing reliable and comfortable mobility solutions for individuals in need, as a dedicated medical and equipment provider, Broadway Medical Supply offers a range of precisely designed underarm and forearm support crutches. As a trusted name in the industry, we provide top-quality medical ambulatory equipment that focuses on enhancing the lives of individuals facing mobility issues. The range of mobility aid solutions includes wheelchairs, rollators, and canes. Transport chairs, walkers, scooters, and crutches. This range of products is designed to improve mobility, comfort, independence, and overall well-being. 

Features Of Forearm and Underarm Support Crutches

Our forearm and underarm support crutches are designed with user comfort and functionality in mind. Ensuring convenience, here are the key features that make our crutches a reliable mobility aid:

1. Ergonomic Design

Designed keeping comfort and convenience in mind, our forearm support crutches boast an ergonomic shape and thoughtful design. The primary benefit lies in proper weight distribution, effectively reducing strain on the user’s wrists and handles. This design consideration is pivotal in enhancing comfort and minimizing discomfort, making your mobility experience more enjoyable and sustainable.

2. Adjustable Height

Height and size requirements differ from person to person, and it is no secret that one size is not enough. Thus, our offerings feature adjustable height options catering to a range of height requirements. This customization factor allows for a tailored fit, ensuring you can find the perfect height to match your unique stature. With optimal support and comfort, using the crutches without worrying about awkward posture or inadequate support is possible.

3. Secure Arm Support

Our crutches ensure optimal support along with maintaining a natural range of motion. The forearm support crutches, forearm crutches offer a secure embrace, giving you the stability, you need while allowing your arms to move naturally. This feature incorporated in all our support crutches promotes a balanced and confident gait, ensuring you can walk easily and self-assuredly.

4. Nonslip Tips

Safety is of the essence, and our anti-slip tips play a crucial role in preventing slips and falls. These tips offer exceptional traction on various surfaces, regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors. This design element adds more confidence to your mobility, allowing you to navigate with stability and peace of mind.

5. Durable Construction

Designed with quality in mind, our range of forearm and underarm crutches are made from high-grade materials, built to withstand the rigors of daily use. This durability ensures that the support crutches provide reliable support over time, making them a long-lasting investment in mobility and comfort.

6. Lightweight Design

Despite their robust construction, these underarm and forearm support crutches are intentionally designed to be lightweight. This design choice helps with easy motility, allowing you to navigate different environments without feeling weighed down. The range of crutches maintains a balance between sturdiness and portability, ensuring your mobility and a comfortable daily life remain hassle-free.

Types of Crutches Available at Broadway Medical

Explore our range of support crutches that cater to various preferences and needs.

Forearm Support Crutches

Providing optimal stability and comfort, the forearm support crutches ensure ergonomic support and convenient mobility. Engineered with your well-being in mind, these crutches feature an innovative design that promotes proper weight distribution, reducing strain on your wrists and hands. The forearm cuffs provide a secure and stable support system, allowing for natural movement patterns and fostering a more confident and balanced gait. Ideal for navigating through a home or the outdoors, the forearm support crutches by Broadway medical supply work like a reliable companion for enhanced mobility and everyday comfort.

Underarm Crutches

Incorporating the time-test underarm crutch design, these offerings ensure dependable support and mobility assistance. Underarm crutches by Broadway medical supply feature customizable height options, allowing individuals to tailor the fit to personal needs. The ergonomic handle grips ensure comfortable to use while the nonslip rubber tips provide traction and stability on various surfaces. Whether recovering from an injury or needing temporary assistance, these underarm crutches work like an ideal solution that helps maintain independence and mobility.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Support Crutches

Understanding the importance of reliable support and choosing the perfect fit that suits the requirements precisely. Thus, consider the following factors before purchasing and ensure you are narrowing down the suitable support crutches.

User Comfort: Opt for crutches with comfortable cuffs, handles, and adjustable height to suit your needs.

Weight Capacity: Ensure that the crutches can support your weight without compromising stability.

Mobility Needs: Consider whether you will use the crutches indoors, outdoors, or both to determine the right type.

Ease of Use: Look for features like nonslip tips and easy grip handles for convenience and safety.

Durability: Choose crutches made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance.

Fit and Adjustment: Check if the crutches can be easily adjusted to your height and arm size for a comfortable fit.

Benefits of Buying Underarm or Forearm Support Crutches

Investing in quality underarm and forearm support crutches from Broadway Medical Supply comes with several benefits:

Enhanced Mobility: Our crutches provide the necessary support for smooth and confident movement indoors and outdoors. 

Reduced Strain: By distributing weight evenly and providing proper support, our crutches reduce strain on your wrists and hands.

Improved Independence: The support crutches empower you to move independently and confidently engage in daily activities.

Stability and Balance: The ergonomic design and secure handles improve stability and balance while walking.

Customizable Fit: Adjustable height and comfortable cuffs ensure a personalized fit for your unique requirements.

Quality Assurance: Broadway Medical Supply offers high-quality crutches designed for durability and long-term use.

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for Crutches

When choosing support crutches, Broadway Medical Supply is a prominent medical equipment and supply provider. With a quality, variety, and customer-centric approach, Broadway Medical Supply offers a range of equipment, including wheelchairs, rollators, canes, transport chairs, walkers, scooters, and crutches. Prioritizing comfort and safety, all our ambulatory equipment caters to mobility needs, ensuring you get the right and reliable solution. Experience improved mobility and comfort with our underarm and forearm support crutches. Crafted from durable materials, our support crutches ensure they stand the test of time while delivering reliable performance. Our selection of arm support crutches spans a variety of options, catering to different preferences and needs. Our commitment to providing top-quality products makes a difference in your everyday life with stable and comfortable support. Explore the range of options and buy arm support crutches that help you improve your daily routine and lead a life with less assistance and more independence.



Price Range

$20 to $280

User Weight Capacity Range

175 to 350 lbs. for Children| 300 to 500 lbs for adults

Frame Material

Aluminum, Steel


Push Button, Wing nut

Hand Grip Type

EVA Foam, Ergonomic rubber hand grips

Underarm Pad Type

Soft, contoured underarm pad


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should Forearm Crutches be Open or Closed?

Choosing between open and closed forearm crutches depends on your comfort and mobility needs. Open forearm crutches offer a more natural feel and more effortless movement, while closed forearm crutches provide additional stability.

2. Can I Walk Longer Distances with Underarm Crutches?

Underarm crutches are generally designed for short-term use and may not be as suitable for long distances. However, with their ergonomic design, Forearm crutches offer better support and comfort for walking longer distances.

3. Can Forearm Crutches be Used on Stairs?

Yes, forearm crutches can be used on stairs. However, navigating stairs with crutches requires careful technique and practice. Seek guidance from a healthcare professional to ensure safe usage.

4. Can I Use Forearm Crutches if I Have Wrist or Hand Issues?

Forearm crutches are designed to reduce strain on the wrists and hands. However, if you have existing wrist or hand issues, it's essential to consult a medical professional before using forearm crutches to determine if they are suitable for your condition.