IV Therapy Accessories: Buy IV Cover and Clamp, Catheter Device

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IV Therapy Accessories – A Must-Have for Smooth Procedures  

IV therapy accessories are essential to IV therapy treatment as they directly introduce vital nutrients and vitamins into your bloodstream. The accessories help introduce external fluids like glucose, blood, and other medications quickly into the body through the veins. While IV therapy is a complete process, various accessories are required to ensure the procedure is safe and quick for patient recovery.  

Types of IV Therapy Accessories   

Catheter Device      

During an examination, the doctor uses a long, flexible tube called a catheter device. This device is inserted into a blood vessel in the arm, upper thigh, or neck. The tube goes into the coronary arteries, where a health care professional injects the fluids into your blood. This helps maintain the body's vitals and can lead to quick healing.     

Dispensing Pin    

A dispensing pin is a small, pointed tool used to accurately and precisely dispense medications or fluids. These pins are commonly used for giving precise dosages. Dispensing pins are essential to ensure safe and effective administration of drugs.    

IV Pole

IV poles are adjustable metal poles that help create a stable base for IV therapy accessories. They have 2 – 4 hooks at the top; these hooks act as a safe spot to hang the bags filled with medicines or fluids.      


A replacement travel pouch is a bag for carrying and storing medical supplies, especially during travel. This ensures proper convenience and efficiency for doctors or individuals caring for specific injuries or transporting vital medical items. For better convenience during IV therapy, there are different types of pouches, such as pouch clamps, infusion pump pouches, pill crusher pouches, and others.  

IV Covers

IV covers use materials that resist UV rays, protecting IV solutions against harmful light exposures. This helps maintain the quality and stability of the medication or fluids, ensuring patients receive the proper treatment.    

Why Buy IV Therapy Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply    

Broadway Medical Supply offers several IV therapy accessories, including IV clamps, antiseptic devices, pump brackets, AC adapter sapphire, etc. Understanding the importance of using top-notch quality helps guarantee IV therapy's safe and secure insertion directly in the body's veins. Uncompromised quality helps prevent infections and other complications, aiding better recovery. Besides IV therapy accessories, you can even explore a range of reliable and premium medical products at Boadway Medical Supply.