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Plastic Tubing Clamps for Controlling IV Fluids 

Plastic tubing clamps are extremely light weight and are used by doctors and nurses. These sturdy tools are made from plastic which makes them long lasting and easy to use for healthcare professionals. The tubing clamps are available in shapes and sizes and primarily control the flow of fluids during medical tubing like IV solutions, blood and even medications. 

These instruments help in controlling and preventing any leakage during IV infusion. They help control the rate of infusion at the time of medical interventions. The lightweight design makes them an essential tool for managing various medical procedures without facing any complications. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Plastic Tubing Clamp? 

Flow Control 

The tubing clamp controls the flow and pressure of fluids. This is important during medical procedures where the rate of fluid administration must be monitored. 

Prevention Against Leakage 

The clamps securely clamp onto the tub which prevents leakage of fluids, medications or blood. The clamping helps maintain a sterile environment while stopping contamination and reducing the risk of infection for patients. 

Easy to Use

Tubing clamps are instruments made from plastic and have a simple and non-slippery body which allows healthcare professionals to quickly hold and secure them to stop the flow of fluids from the IV when needed. 

Cost Effective Option 

Plastic tubing clamps are more affordable compared to the traditional metal clamps. Due to their cost effectiveness, they are widely used in various medical facilities like hospitals, clinics and ambulances. 


The clamps come in various shapes and sizes compatible with various medical tubing sizes and materials like PVC, Silicone and polyethylene. As they can be attached to any medical tubing they can be used for different medical applications. 


These instruments are made from plastic, making them durable and able to withstand harsh medical use. Also, they are resistant to corrosion and chemicals which makes them ideal and reliable to use during any medical procedure. 

How to Choose the Right Tubing Clamp?

Selecting the appropriate clamp such as a catheter clamp plastic or a plastic surgical clamp totally depends on the specific medical application. Before choosing the right one consider the below mentioned factors: 

  • Size of the tubing 
  • Required clamping pressure 
  • Environmental conditions

Why Choose Tubing Clamp from Broadway Medical Supply?

The tubing clamps are vital when managing fluid lines and securing medical devices. It is essential to have a superior quality tubing clamp to prioritize the safety of the patients. For healthcare professionals who are looking for good quality plastic tubing, Broadway Medical Supply offers a wide variety of clamps, which are available in different shapes and sizes. Apart from tubing clamp, we offer various other instruments like instrument cleaning brush, instrument lubricant, instrument detergent and many more.