EKG Calipers: Precision Measurement Tools

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Calipers for Accurate Measurements and Treatment

Calipers help measure ECG waves, track the intervals, and analyze patients' health. A caliper is a simple medical instrument that helps accurately read wave sections and measure deformity or length of dislocation, skin fold thickness, etc. The two prongs or jaws of the caliper need to be sturdy to ensure precision while measuring. These measurements are used by healthcare professionals, especially heart professionals, to diagnose heart issues and provide prompt treatment.

How to Use EKG Caliper?

Step 1 – Understand the Interval Waveform

The basic to use a caliper is to understand the different interval types. PR interval, QT interval, QRS interval, coupling, parasystolic intervals, etc., are a few basic intervals in an ECG that help read the cardiac cycle.

Adjust and Place the EKG Caliper

Widen the jaws of the caliper approximately to the distance you want to measure on the paper. Now, place one point at the start of the measuring part and hold firmly. Drag the caliper's other arm to the measurement's other end.

Step 3 – Read 

After placing both arms of the caliper on the two ends, use the seconds scale and measure. The numbers represent the interval in seconds.

Step 4 – Repeat 

Repeat the same procedure to measure other intervals if needed. Once done, ensure the EKG caliper is kept back in the cover to protect it from damage.

Features of EKG Caliper

Offers Precision  

The caliper is made using hard steel and is rust-free. This helps you to use the device smoothly and trace intervals without any mistakes.

Compact and Portable

The EKG caliper is a compact device that fits in a pocket. The device comes with a cover that prevents hurting from the sharp edges. Being small, one can easily carry it, making it a portable medical device.

Seconds Scale 

The cover of the caliper has a measuring scale that helps measure the intervals and lengths instantly without the need for an extra measuring device. The markings denote seconds for accurate interval readings.

Why Buy Calipers from Broadway Medical Supply?

While electronic devices record your heartbeats and print them on paper in the form of an electro diagram, measuring the wavelengths is needed to understand the accuracy of readings. Calipers help measure different intervals in an EXCG report and even help measure different aspects during surgical procedures and health checkups. Broadway Medical Supply offers calipers and other medical instruments for error-free diagnosis.