Centrifuges and Accessories

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Centriuge Machine for Accurate Practical Segregation 

A centrifuge machine is an essential component in a clinical laboratory as it separates different substances of different densities within the liquid samples. The process of segregation of the liquids is known as centrifugation. The centrifuge machine is a laboratory equipment that works in the principle of centrifugal force wherein in a rotating container exerts outward force on its contents which leads to the lighter particles to float and the dense particles to dense.

Types of Centrifuges Commonly Used in Clinical Laboratory 

1. Microcentrifuge

This type of centrifuges is commonly used for small volume samples. The rotating speed is very high which helps in easy segregation of cellular components such as proteins and nulecix acids. 

2. Refrigerated centrifuges

The refrigerated centrifuges have a cooling mechanism which helps in maintaining low temperatures during the rotation process. This is particularly important when it comes to preserving the samples' stability.

3. Ultra centrifuges

As the name suggests the ultra-centrifuges can reach ultra-high speeds which is essential for segregation macromolecules which are present in viruses. Due to the rotational force of the ultra-centrifuges, it provides precise separation at a molecular level. 

4. Floor model centrifuges 

These centrifuges have a higher sample volume capacity which makes it an ideal choice for blood banks, clinical laboratory, microbiology laboratory wherein there is need for processing large batches of specimen at the same time.

Applications of Centrifuges in Clinical Laboratory

Cellular specimen

The process of centrifugation isolates different cellular components which helps the pathologist to study the blood cells, stem cells.

Drug development

 Centrifugation plays an important role in pharmaceutical research which helps pathologists in purification, separation and analysis of the drug's stability.

Benefits of using a Centrifuge Machine

Sample Separation

The centrifuges help in separation of heterogeneous mixtures such as blood, urine and other bodily fluids into components like cells, proteins and acids. This separation helps in diagnosing purposes.

Improved Accuracy

By separating the components based on their density and size the machine ensures providing more accurate analysis of the samples. Having an accurate separation is essential for diagnosing the medical condition of the patients.


The centrifuge machineperforms multiple functions like cell pelleting, DNA extraction as well as plasma separation. 

Why choose Centrifuges and Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply?

Centrifuges Machines are widely used in research and clinical laboratories to separate particles depending on their size, shape, and density. Through its ability to segregate the sample components, it helps the healthcare professionals to have timely and accurate discussions. Using a superior quality centrifuge machine is essential in healthcare diagnosis and research. At Broadway Medical Supply, you can find fixed speed centrifuge machine which is made by using best in class materials. Apart from centrifuges and accessories you can also find a wide range of laboratory equipment's such as hematology, digital thermometers, pH strips, sample cups and many more for your clinical laboratory.