Underarm Crutches with Aluminum frame and push button adjustment for adults and child

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Underarm Crutches to Promote Mobility and Independent Lifestyle 

Underarm crutches, or axillary crutches, help people with mobility issues to regain independence. They are designed to support the equal weight of the user while walking or standing while providing them confidence in living an independent lifestyle. Contrary to the other types of ambulatory equipment, underarm crutches have padded platforms, which help the user's arm to relax, and reduce the pressure on the hands and wrists. The simple design eliminates discomfort, which makes it suitable for people with short-term injuries or prolonged mobility limitations.  

How Do Forearm Crutches Help?  

Improved Posture and Stability 

Aiding the forearm, the crutches promote better posture while reducing back and shoulder pain linked to poor posture. The underarm crutches have a broader base that offers individuals with stability and balance. Maintaining a proper posture will help enhance comfort and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries while providing better spinal health. Also, the underarm support crutches are beneficial for users with spine injuries or other mobility issues linked to posture and alignment.  

Customizable Height 

The Ambulatory Equipment has an adjustable height setting. This lets the users adjust the crutches height depending on their comfort. Also, the patients have various accessory options like a padded cuff and shock absorption tips, which will help enhance comfort.  

Weight Distribution   

The Underarm support crutches helps distribute the individual's weight equally across the forearms and the wrists. This reduces the strain which is caused on the hands and the wrists.   

Increased Independence and Mobility 

The underarm crutches assist individuals with mobility issues to regain their independence and perform their daily activities. They can navigate freely and perform tasks with greater confidence. The lightweight body makes it an ideal choice for carrying them for travel.  

Rehabilitation and Recovery 

Forearm crutches are vital to the rehabilitation and recovery of individuals after an injury or major surgery. They support the patients while healing and gradually improving mobility and strength without the risk of further injury. Doctors often suggest forearm crutches to improve balance and muscle functioning.  

Why Buy Underarm Support Crutches from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Forearm crutches aid mobility, which lets patients move freely. The ergonomic design and the customizable features of the forearm crutches help facilitate physical rehabilitation and recovery. Broadway Medical Supply offers a wide range of underarm support crutches and other ambulatory equipment needed to aid the mobility of the patient. Broadway Medical Supply helps provide supplies to facilitate seamless operations while maintaining the safety of the patients.