First Aid Kits and Bags, My Medic First Aid Including Waterproof Options

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First Aid Kits For Aiding Quick Solutions During Emergencies

Having a first aid kit easily accessible in an emergency always helps take prompt action. Considering different requirements, having various medical essentials in the first aid bag ensures access to premium care when you encounter an injury or accident. While it can be confusing which medical products to have from the wound care section, Broadway Medical Supply offers a waterproof first aid kit with all needed medical supplies. Whether you are traveling or want to keep a first aid kit handy at home, you do not have to worry about any missing items with various kits and tray options available at Broadway Medical Supply.

Essentials for Different Situations Included in the First Aid Bag

Bleeding Emergency 

Bleeding emergencies are often seen when you have an accident or fall. If you have children at home, you might know the number of times they fall and bleed. A first aid kit becomes essential to control the bleeding and provide basic dressing for the wound. The kit usually contains non-adherent pads, gauze pads, 2 in one and 3 in 1 gauze rolls, super skin and regular bandages, etc.

Burn Injuries

Burns require special care, and regular dressings do not work for burns. The first aid bag contains different ointments and bandages targeted to provide relief from burns. The wound care kit contains burn gel packets, burn shields, pain and itch relief creams, pain killers, blister sticks, light sticks, glucose gel packets, and other essentials.

Basic Emergencies

Some emergencies usually require rushing to the hospital for complete care. However, having basic knowledge allows patients to give first aid that can help prevent excess damage. A first aid kit that includes saline wash, antiseptic wipes, sanitizer, ointments, thermometers, etc., helps get basic treatment.

Emergency Survival Kit

The emergency kit includes more than 100 high-quality medical supplies you might need during medical emergencies or adventure trips. You can access blankets, sunscreen, SOS drinking water, instafire, lifestraw, super tape, hand warmer, headlamp, and many other required tools.

Why Buy First Aid Kits and Trays from Broadway Medical Supply?

Choosing a first aid kit with all the essentials that can help aid in different situations is vital. While considering the medical supplies, knowing the quality of bags and supplies is equally crucial. At Broadway Medical Supply, you can avail of various wound care first aid kits that cater to different needs. From personal care kits to emergency kits with travel essentials, Broadway Medical Supply offers quality supplies for your health.