Hygienic Medical Supplies: BuyExam Table Paper, Equipment Covers, Headphone Covers, and More

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Medical Textiles: Vital for Ensuring the Safety of Patients and Healthcare Workers 

Medical textiles are fabrics specially designed for use in healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. There are different types of medical equipment that can be made from these fabrics. For instance, equipment drapes and covers, stretcher sheet, pillowcases and procedure towelsare made using medical fabric. The main purpose of using this fabric is to protect patients, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals from containment and bodily fluids that can cause infections.  

Which are the Different Types of Textiles Used in the Healthcare Industry? 

Exam Table Paper 

Exam table papersensure a clean and sanitary surface for patients which is important in medical facilities especially if multiple patients will be assessed throughout the day. 

Equipment Cover 

They are single use covers that act as bacterial and contagion barriers. There are many different types of covers depending on the equipment for which it will be used for. 

Headphone Covers 

A headphone reduces the discomfort and stress of patients during MRI scans. They also prevent cross-contamination from patient's headphones.  

Dental Bib 

Dental bibs are protective coverings made from paper, plastic, or a combination of both the materials. They are used to prevent patients' clothes from getting spoiled due to water, saliva, blood or other materials. 

Wheelchair Blanket 

A wheelchair blanket is a soft fleece blanket designed to keep wheelchair users warm. They have staps on both sides that can be fastened to prevent the blanket from getting entangled in the wheels of the wheelchair. 

Surgical Drape 

A surgical drape is a medical device made from either cotton, polyester or nonwovens. It is used to prevent infections by acting as a barrier between contaminants and the body during surgical procedures or transport. 

Phototherapy Blanket 

A phototherapy blanket also known as a Fibre Optic Billi blanket is used to treat jaundice in infants. It works by shining blue light on the skin which transforms bilirubin into water soluble isomers that can be eliminated from the body without any conjugation in the liver. 

Postmortem Bag 

Postmortem bags are used to store the body of a deceased person. They are designed to stop the spread of infection and ensure safe transport of human remains. 

Headrest Cover 

Headrest covers are placed over the headrests of chairs in hospitals. By acting as a barrier between the headrest and head of the patient, they prevent infections due to exposure to bacteria, germs and viruses. 

Why Buy Medical Textiles from Broadway Medical Supply? 

High-quality medical fabrics plays important in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. Without it, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and patients would be exposed to harmful chemicals and bodily fluids, which could lead to infections and diseases. Broadway Medical Supplyis a premium medical textiles supplier, offering a wide range of high-quality medical textiles. All the fabrics offered are durable, waterproof and antimicrobial for complete safety.