Orthopedic Supports: Knee and Shoulder Immobilizer, Cast tape and more

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Orthopedic Equipment: Prioritize Your Comfort and Safeguard Your Recovery Process 

Orthopedics is a field of medicine that focuses on addressing trauma and deformities affecting the musculoskeletal system which comprises of muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments. The application of orthopedic casts, immobilizers, strapping, protector, and tape serves the purpose of immobilizing or stabilizing joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons throughout the healing phase. This aids in alleviating discomfort and pain by restricting the movement of the affected joint.

Which Accessories Are Included in Our Collection of Orthopedic Accessories?

  • Cast Padding: Get extra comfort under your cast with our soft and supportive padding.
  • Cast Protector: Shield your cast from water and dirt with our protective covers. 
  • Cast Tape: Choose from our strong and secure tapes for effective immobilization. 
  • Shoulder Immobilizer: Find targeted support for shoulder injuries with our stabilizing gear. 
  • Knee Immobilizer: Support your knee's healing process with our gear designed for stability.

Why Consider the Impact of Neglecting Orthopedic Accessories in Medical Treatment?

If orthopedic accessories, such as casts, strapping, or tape, are not used when indicated, several consequences can arise.

1. Impaired Healing: Proper healing requires immobilizing or stabilizing injured joints, bones, ligaments, or tendons. Without orthopedic accessories, there's an increased risk of improper alignment, delayed healing, or non-union of fractured bones. 

2. Increased Pain and Discomfort: Immobilization minimizes movement, reduces strain, and alleviates pain. Without orthopedic accessories, patients may endure heightened pain, discomfort, and difficulty in daily activities. 

3. Risk of Complications: Lack of support increases vulnerability to complications like joint instability, muscle atrophy, and deformities, complicating recovery and potentially requiring more invasive interventions. 

4. Reduced Functional Recovery: Orthopedic accessories are vital for optimal recovery and restoring normal function. Without proper support, there's a risk of prolonged disability, reduced range of motion, and compromised functional outcomes. 

5. Increased Risk of Re-injury: Inadequate immobilization heightens the risk of re-injury, leading to a cycle of repeated injuries and an extended recovery timeline.

Why to Buy Orthopedic from Broadway Medical Supply?

For effective healing and preventing the risk of re-injury to your healing bone area, it's crucial to use proper support gear. Broadway Medical Supply acknowledges this need and provides high-quality orthopedic equipment, meeting rigorous health and durability standards. Explore our website now to check out the range of our support options like casts, immobilizers and loop strapping, available for various body parts and make a suitable purchase to aid your recovery.