Transfer Pipettes and Serological Pipettes: Accurate Solutions for Laboratory Applications

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Attain Precision In Every Drop With Our Transfer Pipette 

A transfer pipette is a disposable lab instrument essentially used to move minuscule amount of liquids from one container to another for accurate distribution. Mainly used in laboratory processes such as blood tests, alkaline tests, salt preparation, etc. It helps in preventing cross-contamination. The common design of this laboratory glassware and plasticware consists of elongated, slender tubes featuring a molded bulb. 

Things to Know Before Buying Transfer Pipette

Type of Pipettes and Their Intended Use:

Pipettes are used when precise measurements of solvents and solutions are needed to achieve accurate results. One can use disposable/transfer pipette for single use option for convenience and to prevent cross-contamination. One can use graduated/serological pipette for precise measurement and transfer of liquid volumes in laboratories. It has markings along its length, allowing users to draw up or dispense specific amounts of liquid accurately.

Volume Capacity

Whether it's a serological or transfer pipette, you can get them in different sizes. Pipettes come in various volumes to suit the specific measurements required for different lab tasks in laboratory processes and experiments for a clinical laboratory and scientist respectively. At Broadway Medical Supply, you can find pipettes with capacities ranging from 1 to 10 ml.

How to Use Pipettes:

Using pipettes is straightforward despite its area of use. Here is a simple guide to help you:

1. Select Pipette Size: Choose the right-sized pipette for your liquid volume.

2. Prepare the Pipette: Clean and calibrate reusable pipettes or use a new disposable one.

3. Attach the Tip: If your pipette requires tips, attach a clean and compatible one. Make sure it's secure to prevent any leaks.

4. Set Volume: Adjust the pipette to your desired volume accurately.

5. Aspirate Liquid: Dip the pipette into the liquid, press the plunger to draw it in—avoid bubbles.

6. Transfer Liquid: Move to the destination, press the plunger to release liquid accurately.

7. Eject Tip (if used): Dispose of disposable tips safely; clean and sterilize reusable ones.

8. Clean and Store (if reusable): If you're using a reusable pipette, clean it thoroughly following lab procedures. Store it properly to maintain its accuracy for future use.

9. Calibrate (if needed): Regularly check and calibrate to maintain accuracy.

Why to Buy Serological Pipette from Broadway Medical Supply?

Tasks like chemical experiments, pathological tests, medicine production need extreme precision and hence why they need tools that aid in carrying out the same tasks with accurate measurements. Using the right serological pipette of nice quality and established brand helps in minimizing sample waste, support reproducibility, and contribute to the overall efficiency of liquid handling processes. Broadway Medical Supply offers such quality Laboratory Glassware and Plasticware to make the tasks of clinical laboratory and other lab professionals easier.