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With a commitment to providing safe, efficient, and quality care in a professional manner, Broadway Medical Supply supplies a shoulder immobilizer that has been specifically designed to provide optimal support in cases of dislocation and post-operative rehabilitation. It restricts shoulder movement, prevents arm swing, and evenly distributes the weight of the arm across the back and shoulder for better comfort. Moreover, the breathable fabric reduces the feeling of stuffiness after long hours of use.

Features Of Shoulder Immobilizer Sling

1. Breathable Airmesh Sling: Our shoulder sling features a lightweight and breathable air mesh sling for utmost comfort, support, and mobility.

2. 15° Abduction Pillow: The 15-degree abduction pillow is a simple solution that allows the arm to rest in a neutral position. It also prevents post-operative internal rotation contractures that can occur in a sling.

3. Quick-release Shoulder and Waist Strap Buckles: Our shoulder support sleeve comes with quick-release shoulder and waist strap buckles for easy application and removal.

4. Exercise Ball: Along with the shoulder sling, we also provide a unique exercise ball that encourages exercise and improves blood circulation

5. Thumb Rest: To ensure that you recover from your shoulder injury quickly, it is important that the sling is secured properly. Our shoulder sling includes a thumb rest that acts as a point of stability by evenly distributing the weight of the arm across the body, which reduces the likelihood of sling migration.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Shoulder Immobilizer

Nature of your condition:

The first and foremost thing you should consider when buying a shoulder sling is the nature of your condition. For example, a brace that provides support and restricts movement could be beneficial for shoulder dislocation. On the other hand, if you have arthritis, a more flexible brace might be more suitable.


Lifestyle is another important factor to consider. If you lead an active lifestyle, a brace offering support and mobility would be more advantageous.

Comfort and fit: Comfort and fit are also important. A good shoulder immobilizer sling should fit snugly, but at the same time, it should not restrict circulation or cause any discomfort. Moreover, it should be easy to wear and maintain.

Material: Shoulder braces are made from different materials. You should choose one made from neoprene, as it is a material that is lightweight, breathable, and sweat-resistant. Moreover, it is a flexible material that can fit anyone.

Level of support: Always check how much support a brace offers before buying it. A level one shoulder brace will be suitable for regular use and will provide just enough support to alleviate some of your shoulder pain, but if you are recovering from a more severe injury, you will need a higher-level brace, for which you will have to consult your doctor.

Mobility: If your healthcare provider recommends certain exercises, make sure the shoulder immobilizer you choose allows for movement within those parameters.

Size: Choosing the right size when buying a shoulder support sleeve is crucial, as it needs to be tight to be effective. That is why, before buying one, measure your shoulders and bust and match them with the sizing guide to find the right product.

Compression therapy: Some braces have a removable gel pack that can be heated or cooled to provide immediate pain relief. If you want a speedy recovery, look for a shoulder brace with a built-in pocket to store an ice pack.

Design: The design of the shoulder immobilizer sling can impact its functionality and aesthetics. While some designs are discreet and can be hidden under clothing, others may be bulkier and more noticeable.

Why You Should Wear a Shoulder Immobilizer Sling

Faster Healing Process: By limiting the movement of the injured shoulder, a shoulder support promotes healing. It prevents the joint from moving in a way that slows the recovery process.

Support And Stability: A shoulder immobilizer ensures the injured area gets adequate support, which reduces the strain on adjacent muscles and ligaments. This support prevents further injury and minimizes discomfort during the recovery period.

Prevents Unnecessary Movements: One of the main benefits of shoulder slings is that they prevent unwanted movements that can lead to injuries. It works by safeguarding against sudden jolts and accidental jerks.

Reduces Pain and Discomfort: Shoulder injuries are generally accompanied by pain and discomfort. The immobilization of the shoulder alleviates some of the pain by ensuring that the injured area is stable and protected.

Prevents Muscle Atrophy: Prolonged immobilization can cause muscle atrophy or muscle wastage. By using shoulder slings, patients can ensure some level of muscle engagement, which can lower the chances of muscle loss.

Ensures Compliance with Medical Recommendations: Healthcare professionals prescribe a shoulder immobilizer sling as part of the treatment plan. Following their recommendations and wearing the sling as directed can ensure a faster recovery.

Post-operative support: Following shoulder surgery, a shoulder sling is recommended to protect the surgical area, reduce stress on stitches, and maintain the right alignment of the repaired tissue. 

Why Choose Broadway Medical Supply for You Should Immobilizer Sling?

Broadway Medical Supply provides innovative and effective solutions to those recovering from shoulder injuries or surgeries. By combining medical expertise with user feedback, we have crafted immobilizer products such as Shoulder Support, Wrist Brace, Splints and Supports that prioritize comfort and support. Our main mission is to assist our clients in achieving the highest level of comfort, safety, and independence.   

If you have medicare coverage, your insurance company will pay for your shoulder brace. We bill medicare and medic aid at no cost and help you get the coverage you are entitled to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Many Days Should You Wear a Shoulder Immobilizer?

Once your shoulder is back in your joint, your doctor will give you an arm slings shoulder immobilizer that will have to be worn for 2-6 weeks while the injury heals. For the first week, you will need to wear it at night as well, but you can remove it for personal hygiene and dressing. It is important to regularly move the elbow and wrist to prevent stiffness in these joints. 

2. Can I Adjust the Tightness of the Immobilizer Straps?

Many shoulder slings come with adjustable straps for easy fit and positioning. You need to use the buckle to adjust it into the correct position. Remember, your arm should be at a 90-degree angle in front of your body. 

3. Can I Drive with a Shoulder Immobilizer On?

One of the most common questions patients have after shoulder surgery is when can I drive again? In general, you should refrain from driving for at least six to twelve weeks or until your doctor says you can stop wearing the sling. The reaction time of your non-dominant hand decreases after surgery.  

4. What Is the Difference Between a Shoulder Immobilizer and Sling?

Even though both devices are designed to provide support to the shoulder joint, there is a minor difference. A shoulder sling has a single strap that goes over the neck to provide support to the arm. A shoulder support sleeve is an advanced version of the sling. Besides a neck strap