Thermometer: Disposable Forehead, Rectal & Oral Thermometers

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Thermometer for Tracking Accurate Body Vitals

A thermometer helps keep track of your body temperature, which usually fluctuates, signaling some health issues in your body. Maintaining a healthy body requires regular screening and checkups to ensure all your body vitals are in normal range. Using diagnostic instruments and supplies helps understand changes in the body and early detection of any infections or changes happening in your body. While there are many types of thermometers, here is how to use disposable thermometers efficiently.

How to Use Thermometer

Disposable Forehead Thermometer

Start by removing the backing from the strip. Holding both ends of the strip, firmly press the strip on your forehead. Ensure the forehead is dry, or else the strip won't stay. Wait for 15 seconds for the thermometer to read the temperature. A green indicates normal body temperature, whereas a blue or tan indicates irregular temperature. The disposable forehead thermometer is reusable for up to 5 times.

Disposable Rectal Thermometer

The rectum is a sensitive area, and one needs to be careful while using the rectal thermometer. It is lubricated for easy insertion. To check the temperature, insert the disposable rectal thermometer 0.5 to 1 inch in the anal and hold it in a cup position making your child steady. Wait for three minutes for the readings to appear. The color will change to green, blue, or tan, green denoting normal temperature and blue tan denoting abnormal temperature.

Disposable Oral Thermometer

Remove the disposable oral thermometer from the wrapper and place it below your tongue. Place it as far as possible and keep your mouth closed for at least 60 seconds. Remove and wait ten more seconds for the dots to change color to green, blue, or tan, which denotes the temperature range. Record the temperature and discard the thermometer in a sealed bag.

Why Buy Thermometer from Broadway Medical Supply?

Choosing a good quality thermometer is essential to ensure that the readings are correct and you are not misguided. Learning the proper vitals, you can visit a healthcare professional for a proper health checkup. At Broadway Medical Supply, you can avail yourself of a wide range of thermometers for kids and adults, which offer accurate readings and help you prioritize your health.