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Reference Electrode Solution: Essential for Reliable Chemical Analysis

An ISE Reference Solution provides a stable reference potential for measuring potential differences in Ph-sensitive membranes. Adding a ground wire in the solution won't work as the ground wire electrochemistry will give an inaccurate reading. The ISE reference solution elicits an isolated and stable reaction that produces a voltage. A salt bridge acts as the medium, minimizing reference electrode instabilities and analyte contamination.

Types of ISE Reference Solution

1. Reference Electrode Solution

A reference electrode solution is used in combination with a glass electrode to measure the difference in potential between it and the glass electrode. It indicates a known potential irrespective of the PH solution.

2. ISE Reference Solution

An Ion selective electrode is an analytical technique that determines the activity of ions within an aqueous solution. It works by measuring the electric potential in the solution.

3. ISE Standard ABX

ISE standard ABX is a Clinical Analyzer Calibrator designed to quantitatively determine sodium, potassium and chloride on ABX pentra 400 with the ISE module option.

How Does an ISE Reference Solution Work

An internal reference electrode, filled with ISE Reference Solution, is immersed in an aqueous solution that contains the ions that will be measured and a separate external reference electrode. The circuit is closed by connecting the electrodes to a sensitive milli-voltmeter with special low-noise cables and connectors. A potential difference is generated across the ISE membranes when the target ions move to the lower concentration side.

Why Choose Ise Reference Solution From Broadway Medical Supply?

An ISE reference solution is a vital tool for accurate reference measurement. Its high precision, durability, and compatibility with different devices make it an invaluable investment for any clinical laboratory that requires accurate reference measurement. Broadway Medical Supply offers ISE solutions such as reference electrode solutions, ISE reference solutions, and ISE Standard ABX that enable accurate detection or measurement of the different properties of substances during titration and redox reactions. Broadway Medical Supply also offers clinical analyzer calibrators that ensure the reagents remain pure and always provide accurate measurements.