Medical Apparel & Accessories: Masks, Compression Garments

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Apparel Accessories - A Defense Shield Against Pathogens

Apparel accessories have been essential in every healthcare sector to help meet the safety and security of healthcare professionals and patients. Whether it is a hospital, pathology lab, or at-home hospital setup, ensuring using face shields, protective sleeves, headcovers, and other apparel accessories is a must. While the use of masks has increased after COVID-19, using other accessories creates complete protection from different types of pathogens and chemicals.

What are the Benefits of Using Apparel Accessories

H3 - Prevents Unwanted Injuries

When working as a healthcare professional, there is a need to use different tools and objects that can be sharp. Wearing protective sleeves, gloves, jackets, etc., protects the skin from direct injuries. The material is tear-resistant and helps perform surgical procedures safely.

Creates a Barrier

Masks, coats and jackets, surgical headcovers, and other safety gear create a barrier between the healthcare professional and surrounding objects. Even when handling patients, the apparel accessories work as a shield to prevent direct contact, which prevents cross-contamination and the spread of infection through touch or air.

Restricts Direct Exposure to Chemicals and Other Fluids

Wearing lab coats and jackets prevents exposure to chemicals and body fluids while working in labs and performing surgical procedures. The coats and jackets help cover the body and are available in different layers of protection depending on the intensity of exposure to chemicals and heat.

Helps Maintain Safety and Regulatory Standards

Safety and regulatory standards for the medical field are necessary to ensure that individuals' lives are a priority. Slippers and slipper socks, exam gowns, compression garments, masks, and other accessories help achieve the quality standard required for hospitals to maintain and practice ethical and hygienic practices.

Protects Without Disturbing Functionality

The quality and material of different apparel accessories used in the medical sector ensure that the functioning is not affected. The gears are breathable and contour the body to prevent disruption while performing invasive procedures and preventing the spread of diseases.

Why Buy Apparel Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply?

Understanding the need to use quality apparel accessories like face shields, masks, gloves, socks, boots, respirators, and others helps create a safe and secure environment for patients and healthcare professionals. Having everything accessible in different sizes and sterile conditions and solving different purposes is needed. Broadway Medical Supply offers apparel accessories for hand, face, eye, and full body protection. Besides protective gear, you can buy other medical supplies and equipment for hospital and at-home use.