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Biopsy Punches for Quick Tissue Collection 

Biopsy punch is a procedure that helps contain tissue samples from the human body for to further analyze it for testing cancer. The punches are a sharp and circular instrument that is inserted in the skin. These instruments are then rotated clockwise and counterclockwise to cut down a layer of fatty tissue and get the sample for testing. A microscope is further used to analyze the tissue and design a treatment plan based on the results. 

Types and Different Sizes of Biopsy Punches

Disposable Biopsy Punch   

Disposable biopsy punches are made for one-time use, making things convenient and lowering the risk of any contamination. It allows precision when taking tissue samples, that ensures safe collection of tissue samples. Being disposable, it allows the healthcare professional to maintain a safe practice and avoid any chance of infection after the procedure. 

2.5mm Biopsy Punch 

The 2.5mm biopsy punch is similar to other biopsy punches with a more compact size for obtaining small tissue samples. This size is often employed in dermatology and plastic surgery procedures where accuracy is crucial. The 2.5mm biopsy punch allows for the extraction of tiny tissue specimens, aiding in diagnoses of various skin conditions. Its small diameter minimizes trauma to surrounding tissues, leading to reduced patient discomfort and a faster healing period.  

3mm Biopsy Punch 

The 3mm biopsy punch is another disposable instrument utilized for tissue sampling in medical procedures. It offers increased tissue collection capacity while still maintaining precision. This size is commonly used in dermatology, gynecology, and general surgery to obtain medium-sized tissue samples. The 3mm biopsy punch facilitates efficient biopsy procedures, accurately diagnosing lesions, tumors, and other abnormalities. Despite its larger diameter, it is designed to minimize tissue trauma and patient discomfort. 

5mm Biopsy Punch 

The 5mm biopsy punch is a disposable tool for obtaining larger tissue samples in medical procedures. The 5mm biopsy punch is frequently used in specialties such as gastroenterology, urology, and oncology for biopsies of organs and deeper tissues. While more prominent in size, this biopsy punch still ensures safe sample collection. 

Skin Biopsy Punches

Specifically customized for dermatological procedures, skin biopsy punches help in extracting skin tissue samples for analysis. Skin biopsy punches are available in different sizes to accommodate different types and depths and ensure reliable dermatopathology results. 

Why Choose Biopsy Punches from Broadway Medical Supply?  

Biopsy helps in early detection of cancerous tumors and cells. Proper diagnosis is always the basis to get right treatment and proper guidance by healthcare professionals. Biopsy punch is a vital requirement for collecting patient samples in quick time while ensuring patient comfort. Broadway Medical Supply caters to different instrumental punches that allow for all types of biopsy sample collection. With the range of other medical supplies like instruments, beds, first aid, mobility aids, etc., all under one roof, you can ensure to cater uncompromised and comfortable service to all patients.