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Respiratory Accessories to Help Regulate Oxygen Supply 

Respiratory masks, humidifiers, and other accessories are medical equipment designed to support breathing and enhancing respiratory functions. These tracheostomy supplies address specific requirements and underlying respiratory issues of different patients. Respiratory accessories are essential as they optimize respiratory performance, ensure sufficient oxygen levels for the patient, and address various lung-related conditions. There are certain CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) supplies like masks, hoses, and air filters that are a needed respiratory accessory for patients with breathing issues. These respiratory supplies help deliver proper pressure to ensure smooth inhalation and exhalation. This process is maintained throughout the respirator for guided oxygen monitoring. 

Different Types of Respiratory Accessories 

Nasal Cannula 

A nasal cannula is a medical tool to administer supplemental oxygen therapy by providing oxygen directly through the nostrils. It is a flexible tool that encircles the head and enters the nasal passages via two prongs. These prongs serve as conduits for the oxygen flow. A nasal cannula supports those who struggle to breathe properly and require additional oxygen support.   


A tracheostomy is a process that creates a new passage for breathing when the usual route is blocked or not working correctly. This procedure is commonly done when an individual needs long-term help with breathing using a ventilator machine. In severe situations like an injury to the face or neck, a tracheotomy can be done to clear a blocked airway quickly. To perform the process of tracheotomy, some of the tracheotomy supplies are used like tube holders, tubes, suction catheters, etc.  

Humidifiers and Nebulizers 

Humidifiers are appliances that increase moisture in the air to eliminate dryness, leading to irritation in various parts of the body. These appliances are mainly used for relieving nasal passages and throat and relieving specific symptoms associated with an illness like flu or cold. Whereas a nebulizer is a process that converts liquid medications into mist, allowing direct inhalation into the lungs. Nebulizers are beneficial in various cases, such as giving asthma medication to infants or young children and individuals struggling to use inhalers.   

Oxygen Concentrators 

An oxygen concentrator is a device that provides additional oxygen by filtering and concentrating oxygen from the surrounding air. It provides 90- 95% of the oxygen present in the air. Oxygen concentrators are prescribed for individuals with health conditions like asthma or lung cancer, where oxygen level is reduced in the body.  

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