Canes: Quad Canes With Small Base, Large Base, Offset Handle

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A notable contributor to the medical industry, Broadway Medical Supply provides reliable and top-tier medical aid products. Broadway Medical supplies an extensive range of wheelchairs, rollators, quad cane, crutches, and other mobility aids that encompasses the latest advancements, ensuring high quality, reliability, and precision in every product delivered. Dedicatedly working towards improving the difficulty surrounding mobility, quad canes extend the support and assistance required while walking.

An offset or Quad cane, also called a walking stick, primarily helps by balancing the weight and redistributing the pressure on the legs. Whether due to an injury, accident, or age-related factors, canes are the infallible choice for people to be independent while having a complete sense of security from falling. With its extensive use at price worth the value, different varieties of canes come with qualities and features that aid in the best mobility support.

Features Of Canes

1. Offset Cane Handle

An offset handle helps provide extra grip when using the cane walking stick. The bend over the shaft helps put all the weight over the stick. This ensures the protection of the wrist from bearing excess weight and damage.

2. Different Sizes of Base

Quad canes with round or offbeat handles are available in different base sizes. The base size decides the amount of weight the stick can handle. The larger the base, the sturdier it is. Smaller base canes are mobile to use and great for frequent traveling.

3. Adjustable Height

Every individual has a different height and needs a quad cane that is suitable and comfortable to use. The canes come with adjustable height options making them a perfect choice for anyone with varied heights.

4. Foam Grip

All cane walking sticks come with foam handle grips, making them anti-slip and soft to use for your hands. This provides the needed support to maintain good control of the walking stick.

5. Folding

Cane sticks are available in folding options, which make carrying and storing easy, especially when traveling in cars or vehicles that cannot accommodate full-size cane sticks.

6. Comfortable Seating

Foldable canes even come with a sitting when opened. These quad canes have four sturdy legs that can be converted into walking aid when folded and sitting support when open.

7. Better Traction with A Sturdy Base

The design of the base of canes has rubber ring support making it anti-slip while using. It gives better traction establishing safe use without fear of falling.

Types of Canes Available at Broadway Medical 

Quad Cane Small Base

Quad cane having a small base has increased maneuverability, making it easy to use everywhere. The small base cane's weight-bearing capacity is 250 lbs, with height adjustments between 28 to 37 inches. It has a foam handle grip and a push button to set the desired height easily.

Large Base Quad Cane

Compared to a small base, the weight of a large base quad cane is heavier, making it ideal for people who can solely use an on-hand walking stick. The weight capacity is 250 lbs, with an adjustable height of 28 to 37 inches.

Cane With Offset and Round Handles

Cane sticks can have either round or offset handles with their own benefits. While offset handles provide better wrist support, round handles are convenient to use in confined areas like stairways. The weight capacity of both handles is different and depends on the factors of cane sticks too.

Folding Cane

Folding canes has a three-point base, making it easy to pivot the stick at different angles. The tip swivels while the cane firmly stays on the ground providing full support. It is foldable for easy storage and has soft grip handles that efficiently manage the weight you put on your hands.

Sling Seat Quad Cane

Sling seat quad cane has sturdy legs with vinyl contoured tips providing extra grip and support for a person to sit. It has a comfortable seat that is easily folded and can easily carry a weight of 250 lbs. It is ideal for people who need rest while walking or has some injury that makes it difficult to stand or walk for long hours.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Canes

Mobility Needs

Whether you want a walking aid at home or want to travel places with it will help decide the type of offset cane that works best for you.

Weight-bearing Capacity

Choose a cane stick that can bear your weight easily without getting damaged. A cane with a sturdy base is ideal for carrying the weight exerted on the handles. Along with your weight, the quad cane must be manageable, making it an effort to use the walking stick.

Height Needs

Quad cane is designed in a way that it can adjust to different heights. Ensuring it is comfortable for your height ensures better support, grip, and stability. A too-long or too-short height can uneven the weight distribution, directly affecting the purpose of canes.

Comfort And Stability

Before buying, evaluate every factor to confirm that the cane with an offset handle is comfortable and stable. Check for a good grip and the cane's quality to ensure it withstands all surfaces, weather, and weight.

Benefits of Buying Canes 

Better Balance

Using a quad cane, we shift the weight from the legs to the walking stick. A sturdy and balanced stick is vital to prevent falls and injury due to uneven weight distribution. Cane mobility aids provide the needed balance while walking and prevent frequent pressure on joints and legs.

Reduced Pain

Evenly distributed weight is on the cane; it relieves the pressure you exert on the joints of the legs and back. This eventually reduces the pain. Besides leg and back, a good quality quad cane short base or large base will prevent pain in the fingers and wrist.   

Promotes Healing

Healing is only possible with complete rest, and continuous pressure hampers the recovery. Using a cane stick controls the pressure and slowly reduces the pain. This gives sufficient rest to the joints for healing. Avoiding pressure is vital, especially when using a quad cane after injury.

Independent Mobility

Using canes for walking gives you a sense of independence, and you can move as and when needed without getting support from others. This improves mental health, which is an ideal factor for overall well-being.

Why Choose Broadway Medical for Canes

Moving aids like crutches, wheelchairs, canes, and other medical supplies are designed to support different mobility issues. Bridging the gap between limitations and freedom, quad canes at Broadway Medical Supply allow a convalescent to practice activities and engage confidently in social events independently. While it caters to many issues ranging from traumas to age factors, mobility equipments aids to enhance the quality of life and ensure the safety of the induvial using the aid. Broadway Medical Supply commits to a high-quality and extensive range of premium products that meet every mobility requirement. The focus remains on safeguarding the person's health while designing every component of the canes.



Price Range

$10 to $500


McKesson, drive™, Carex®

Cane Types

Offset, Quad, Round Handle, Folding

User Weight Capacity Range

240 lbs. to 500 lbs.

Approximate User Height

4 feet, 11 inches to 6 feet, 4 inches

Frame Material

Aluminum, Steel

Handle Type

Ergonomic, Quad, Straight 

Number of Legs

1 Leg, 4 Leg

Tip Type

Vinyl Contoured, Rubber


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does A Cane Go on The Weaker or Stronger Side?

Correctly holding a quad cane will eventually promote healing and recovery. Using a cane towards the side that is stronger helps create better balance and stability. For example, use the cane on the left side if you have a weaker right knee. Bring the cane forward simultaneously as you walk and take your right leg forward. This will allow using the stronger side and cane to support stability and prevent more pain and damage to the weaker side.

2. Are There Different Types of Cane Handles Available?

Round, contour, fritz, and offset canes are a few of the different handle options available for canes. Each handle has benefits and purpose that help decide which is better for your health. Round handles are best for support in narrow places; contour handles adjust to the shape of your hand, making it comfortable to use; the fritz handle is specially designed for people who have arthritis and is ideal for traveling; offset handles come with foam grip and provide support to your wrist when exerting weight.

3. What's The Difference Between an Offset Cane and a Walking Cane?

A significant difference between the looks of a walking cane and an offset cane is the handle shape. But this handle shape has a lot to do with the ability of the cane. An offset handle provides an ergonomic grip compared to a walking cane and distributes the weight on the shaft rather than the wrist and hand. A walking stick is suitable when a slight balance is needed to walk in narrow places and to climb stairs.

4. Can I Adjust the Height of aa Quad Cane?

Broadway Medical has quad canes of different varieties with adjustable height options. The cane's height ranges from 28 to 39 inches and adjusts with a single push button. It’s easy to use and provides the support and stability you need while walking.