Lab Caps and Closures

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Lab Caps for Efficient Specimen Samples Sealing  

Lab caps and tube closures are essential tools in laboratories as they ensure the safety of the sample while it is stored. A lab closure seals the bottles, vials, and tubes, preventing leakage and contamination. In a clinical laboratory, it helps to maintain the purity of the chemicals while limiting their exposure to the air and moisture, which will degrade or alter the chemicals over time. They come in easy-to-open and close mechanisms, allowing pathologists to use them conveniently and in various shapes and sizes to meet varied laboratory needs.  

What is a Tube Closure?  

Tube closures are essential in a clinical laboratory, as they securely seal tubes to prevent opening. A tube closure is used to seal sample tubes that contain biological specimen samples of blood, urine, and other fluids. They help prevent leakage or contamination of the specimen sample while being transported, stored and analyzed.  

Types of Tube Closures  

Snap Caps 

A snap cap is a tube closure system that is generally used in clinical laboratories and can be stored in low temperatures. They are designed so pathologists can easily snap or click them onto any tube without twisting. Snap caps come in various colors. They are also made from materials like polyethylene or polypropylene, which makes them long-lasting.  

Plug Caps  

The plug caps work as a stopper, which prevents spills; they are made from rubber. The pathologists can simply push the plug caps into the tube, and they will create a tight seal that will keep the samples in the tube. They are super easy to use because of their insert and removal, which creates a good seal while protecting the specimen samples from getting spilled or contaminated.

Benefits of using Lab Caps  

Maintains Sample Quality 

The lab caps help ensure the specimen sample is safe by preventing leakage or contamination. This helps maintain the specimen sample quality during the analysis process while providing accurate results.  


The lab caps, like the snap caps, help provide an airtight seal while preserving the specimen samples. The airtight seal is important for the chemical's sensitive to air or moisture.  

Why Choose Lab Caps from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Lab caps are essential for safely maintaining and storing specimen samples in clinical laboratories. Providing a secure seal to the tubes helps prevent any leakage, contamination, or evaporation, which remains viable for accurate analysis. At Broadway Medical Supply, you can find laboratory glassware and plasticware accessories made of superior-quality materials. Along with lab caps, Broadway Medical Supply has a wide range of laboratory equipment, such as vials, tubes, breakers, bottles, etc which will improve the quality of the experiment.