Slide Stainers and Accessories

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Slide Stainers and Accessories: Essential for Precise and Reliable Staining Results

Slide stainers and accessories are automated instruments lab technicians use to apply stains on slides. These clinical laboratory accessories streamline the entire staining process for quick and consistent results. Moreover, since they require no human input, there is less chance of errors and contamination. This allows lab technicians to dedicate more of their time to more urgent tasks. 

Types Of Slides Stainers and Accessories 

Lugol's Iodine Stain

Lugol's iodine is the material of choice for staining due to its low cost, easy availability, and ease of use. It detects intestinal protozoa, helminth ova or larvae. When added to direct wet mounts of fecal material, parasitic cysts take it in, which then appear brown. Lugol's solution is also used in cytology to detect abnormal squamous cells of vaginal and cervix epithelium. Another common use of Lugol's iodine is in microbiological testing, where it is one of the main components of Gram staining. 

Ligol's iodine is also used for Gram staining. During standard gram procedure, the aniline dyes within the cell tissues of microorganisms take up a red iodine complex when exposed to Lugol's iodine stain. In Gram-positive organisms, the dye-iodine complex cannot be dissolved from the cells by decolorizing agents like alcohol or acetone, so the cells remain dark in color. In Gram-negative microorganisms, ligol's iodine is easily dissolved, and the cell becomes red due to counterstaining.

Monsel’s Solution

Monsel’s solution or ferric subsulphate is a thick-acting compound used to control bleeding during surgical procedures. It is used after cryotherapy, punch biopsy, and loop electrosurgical excision procedures to stem the flow of blood. Since it is a caustic product, it can damage tissues if left on the skin for an extended period.

Why Choose Slide Stainers and Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply?

Slide stainers are used in clinical laboratories, research facilities, and medical institutions to prepare microscopic slides for microscopic examination, diagnosis, and research. The advantage of using slide stainers over other staining methods is they ensure consistent and high-quality results essential for accurate histopathological and cytological analysis. 

Slide stainers are an effective method for the visualization of tissue samples as they ensure the staining process is quick, allowing many tests to be carried out quickly. Broadway Medical Supply offers slide stainers and accessories that provide clear visualization of the cells or microorganisms. With premium quality and dedication to serving all medical requirements, we ensure patient safety and service are a priority.