Housekeeping Accessories

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Housekeeping Accessories to Promote Cleanliness and Hygiene  

Housekeeping accessories play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at home, offices, hospitals, and other places. Whether it is cleaning solutions, mopes, tissues, or other housekeeping supplies, storing them right is essential. Wall bracket, trays, and other accessories act as a medium to make the housekeeping supplies reach the user easily. Broadway Medical Supply provides different types of housekeeping accessories to improve your lifestyle and promote better hygiene practices.   

What are the Types of Housekeeping Accessories?  

Bottle Trigger Sprayer  

The bottle trigger sprayer available at Broadway Medical Supply has an ambidextrous design and can be used for easy liquid application. One can efficiently use liquid solutions such as soaps, sanitizers, and cleansing agents for cleaning and hygiene purposes with a bottle trigger sprayer. The sprayer controls the amount of liquid to be delivered while reducing the waste of liquid products. When not in use, the nozzle can be twisted to off, and it should be turned on while in use. The bottle trigger sprayer is suitable for 32-ounce bottles.   

Canister Bracket or Sani Bracket  

The cylindrical-shaped bracket is ideal for holding sani-cloth. The canister bracket can simply be attached to the wall or any equipment for ease of access. While having more than one canister bracket on a similar wall, one can label them according to the disinfecting products they are holding. 

Wall Bracket CaviWipes  

The white metal wall bracket is designed to place the Cavi wipes. The wall bracket is of 5-½ x 5-½ x 6-inch dimension. As the cavi wipes are the cleaning and disinfecting towelettes, they are especially used in hospitals, surgical centers, operating rooms, etc.; hence, the wall bracket helps to keep them within reach.   

Dispenser Drip Tray  

The purpose of a Dispenser Drip Tray is to maintain a clean area by preventing falls or leaks of liquid solutions, chemicals, etc, on the ground, wall, or floor. The available Dispenser Drip Tray at Broadway Medical Supply works with existing dispensers. It fits perfectly below the 1000- and 2000-ml dispensers. The white-colored dispenser drip tray is made of ABS plastic that is easy to clean and maintain. It can be easily installed using screws or tape.   

Why Choose Housekeeping Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply?  

Housekeeping supplies are a regular life need, and suitable housekeeping accessories make it easier for healthcare professionals and patients to utilize the products safely. Especially at hospitals and healthcare centers, it is essential to include housekeeping accessories such as wall brackets, bottle trigger sprayers, dispenser drip trays, etc., to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Broadway Medical Supply provides a range of housekeeping accessories that improves hospital functioning effectively. We even provide other medical supplies ranging from needles to medical instruments to accomplish your medical needs under a single roof.