Eyewash Stations and Accessories

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Eyewash Stations: Essential For Preventing Eye Injuries Due to Chemical Splashes

Eyewash stations are essential in healthcare facilities where doctors, nurses, and caregivers regularly come in contact with hazardous chemicals or materials in clinical laboratory that can cause eye injuries. Though tears rinse the eyes to get rid of contamination, sometimes they may not be enough to prevent serious eye injuries. An eyewash station is an effective solution to flush out contaminants from the eye.

Uses Of Eyewash Stations: Prevents Eye Injuries from Worsening

If hazardous substances or chemicals enter the eyes of healthcare workers, they can cause eye irritation, injury, or even infections. An eyewash station quickly flushes the eyes with water or an eyewash solution to remove the irritants. Being portable, it can be placed anywhere within the healthcare facility. Another benefit of using an eyewash station is that it is designed for ease of use. Even if the user has no prior knowledge of working an eyewash or is visually impaired, they can easily operate it for quick relief.

How To Use an Eyewash Station

As soon as you experience discomfort in your eyes, rush to the nearest eyewash station and turn the faucet on to initiate the flow of water or eye wash solution. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before flushing your eyes, as chemicals or dirt particles can get trapped in them. Now, begin flushing your eyes. Always keep your eyes open to allow the water or solution to penetrate every corner of the eye for a thorough cleaning. Though it might be uncomfortable, it will ensure every bit of the contaminant is removed.

Continue washing your eyes for 15 minutes. Even if you feel better after a few minutes, you must stick to this time to thoroughly clean the eyes. After flushing your eyes, contact a doctor or ophthalmologist immediately for a comprehensive eye examination. 

Why Choose Eyewash Solutions and Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply?

Eye wash stations are vital safety equipment in a hospital and clinical laboratory as they provide immediate relief if healthcare workers accidentally come in contact with hazardous chemicals. Every second matters after a contaminant enters the eye so utilizing an eye wash station can make a massive difference in the long term. Broadway Medical Supply offers an eyewash station faucet mount that can be easily affixed to your existing faucet. It can be easily activated during a medical emergency through the actuator pin in the adapter. The eye station can also be used as a normal faucet by keeping the pin closed. Besides eyewash stations, Broadway Medical Supply also supplies an eye wash solution that effectively flushes out contaminants from the eye while ensuring users feel refreshed.