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Infusion Sets for Precise Fluid Delivery

The infusion sets are used to deliver fluids like medications and nutrients directly to the patient's circulatory system. The kit involves tubing, a drip chamber, a roller clamp and a needle that is inserted directly into the patient’s veins. The infusion sets help to monitor the infusion rate and help minimize contamination risk during the IV therapy. The infusion sets are mainly used when there is an immediate need for bypassing the digestive system’s slower absorption.

Uses of IV infusion sets

Blood Transfusion

The sets are used to transfuse blood to the patients who require them. Blood transfusion is given to patients who are experiencing conditions like anemia, bleeding disorders or have undergone multiple surgical procedures.

Nutritional Support

The IV infusion sets deliver the nutrition directly into the bloodstream for patients who cannot eat foods or only absorb nutrients orally.

Fluid Resuscitation

At the time of emergencies like severe dehydration, shock or trauma the infusion sets pump large number of fluids into the blood stream to restore the blood volume to normalize the condition of the patient.


The patients who are diagnosed with cancer often require chemotherapy drugs. These drugs are given to them in through IV infusion sets. This method lets doctors and nurses do precise dosing of the chemotherapy agents directly into the cancel cells throughout the body.

Pain Management

During surgical procedures, the infusion sets are used to administer pain medications, sedatives or any kind of anesthetic to manage chronic or acute pain.

Types of Infusion Sets

1. Sub Q Infusion Set

These sets are made to deliver fluids or medications into the subcutaneous tissue located under the skin. The sub q infusion set contains a needle or catheter inserted into the subcutaneous tissue along with tubing and a connector. The sets are used for administering medications like insulin.

2. Huber Infusion Set

The huber infusion sets are used for specialized IV infusion sets, which are made to be used with implanted ports also known as port a caths. The huber needle is made from strong materials which are needed to puncture the silicon septum without causing any damage. The huber infusion sets are used in chemotherapy and blood product delivery.

3. Aqua C Hydration System

These infusion sets are specially made to provide hydration to the individuals who are always engaged in any physical activity. The kit contains fluid, tubing and bite value for drinking.

Why Choose Infusion Sets from Broadway Medical Supply?

The infusion sets play a very important role especially in delivering fluids, medications and other therapeutic agents into the bloodstream of the patients. Having superior quality IV infusion sets is essential for ensuring patients' safety, accuracy and durability. At Broadway Medical Supply you can find a huge variety of infusion sets for hospital settings. Apart from the aqua c hydration system you can also find varicose vein anesthesia tubing, infusion pump, IV stand, IV covers and many more that will ensure complete patient care.