Physical Therapy Equipments: Buy Heating pad, cold pack and Exercise Resistance Band

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Physical Therapy Equipment: Support Proper Healing with our Selection  

Therapists use certain tools and equipment to help patients recover from physical injuries, surgeries, or conditions affecting joints, muscles, and nerves. They include items like exercise gear, braces, and other tools. Investing in your own physical therapy tools lets you lead your recovery. Whether you deal with injury pain or a neurological condition, physical therapy treatments are an essential part of rehabilitation.  

Variety of Physical Therapy Equipment Available  

Each therapy tool serves a unique purpose for various body parts. These tools provide external support, aiding the body's natural healing process without interference. Broadway Medical Supply delivers products like: 

Heating pad

It emits warmth to relax muscles, ease stiffness, and promote blood flow, aiding in pain relief and muscle relaxation.  Great for people experiencing muscle tension, stiffness, or mild discomfort due to overuse, strains, or injuries. A heating pad is also beneficial for individuals with conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. 

Shoulder Cold Pack 

It applies cold therapy to reduce swelling, numb pain, and alleviate inflammation in the shoulder area. Useful for those recovering from shoulder injuries, such as strains, sprains, or surgeries, as well as for managing acute shoulder pain or swelling. 

Inflatable Exercise Ball 

This ball supports exercises that improve balance, stability, core strength, and flexibility. Beneficial for people rehabilitating lower back pain, improving balance deficits, or recovering from orthopedic injuries like knee or hip replacements. 

Exercise Resistance Band 

It offers resistance for exercises aimed at strengthening muscles, enhancing endurance, and increasing range of motion. Effective for individuals looking to build muscle strength, mobility, and flexibility, particularly in physical therapy and rehabilitation settings, or for general fitness training.  

Inspection Mirror 

It enables self-examination of hard-to-reach body areas, aiding in monitoring injuries, wounds, or skin conditions. Useful for people with limited mobility or flexibility, allowing them to inspect areas like the back, feet, or other inaccessible body parts for signs of injury or skin changes. 

Therapy Putty 

It improves hand strength, coordination, and dexterity through gripping and squeezing exercises. Beneficial for individuals recovering from hand injuries, surgeries, or conditions like arthritis, supporting hand rehabilitation and functional recovery.  

Shoulder Exerciser 

It strengthens and rehabilitates shoulder muscles, expands the range of motion, and improves shoulder stability. A shoulder exerciser is ideal for individuals recovering from shoulder surgeries, rotator cuff injuries, or conditions like shoulder impingement syndrome, aiding in shoulder rehabilitation and restoring function. 

Why To Buy Physical Therapy Equipment from Broadway Medical Supply? 

Supplies such as heating pads and shoulder exercisers may appear mundane, but their benefits significantly enhance mobility in daily activities. Physical therapy is an important part of self-care. Broadway Medical Supply offers equipment designed to improve the quality of life. The carefully curated collection of physical therapy supplies helps rehabilitate easily and restore the regular lifestyle.