IV Therapy: Accessories, Covers, Extension Sets

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IV Therapy – To Assist Balance Your Body Vitals

Hospitals and clinics commonly use IV therapy to allow patients to receive a steady flow of fluids and medications while remaining stationary. The IV administration sets efficiently eliminate the load on both patients and healthcare providers, allowing better healing. It is used to administer fluids directly into your veins for quick relief. Bags are suspended from the top hooks of the pole, connected by tubes to deliver essential fluids securely and efficiently into the patient's veins for their IV therapy.

Uses of IV Therapy

Hydrates Your Body

Dehydration can have a lot of reasons, of which the most common is lack of direct nutrition. This can cause weakness, disturb body vitals, and make patients faint. Glucose is administered through IV therapy to ensure the body is back on track. The fluid gets directly into your bloodstream and quickly hydrates your body.

Replace Body Fluids

Vomiting, diarrhea, loss of blood, low platelets, etc., require IV therapy to administer fluids to your body. The doctor introduces blood, saline water, electrolytes, or other fluids depending on your health condition and your medical situation.

Administer Anesthesia

During surgeries and operations, administrating anesthesia is very crucial. Giving it directly in your veins ensures that the effect is quick. It even helps control the dose as needed during the procedure.

Administer Medications

After surgery, the doctors prefer giving medications directly through IV for quick relief and early release of medications in your body. Using IV therapy accessories, painkillers, antibiotics, and all other needed medications are injected into saline water that is administered in your bloodstream.

Why Buy IV Therapy from Broadway Medical Supply?

IV therapy accessories, containing IV poles, infiltration tubes, tourniquets, pump pouch, etc., offer diverse support for patient safety and well-being. High-quality and uncompromised materials ensure that direct contact with veins is safe and doesn’t cause infections or other complications in your body. Broadway Medical Supply offers IV administration sets and accessories that are vital for administering fluids directly into your body. Visit Broadway Medical Supply to access uncompromised and reliable medical products.