Ostomy Accessories: Buy Ostomy Pouches and Barrier

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Ostomy Accessories for Post-Surgery Procedures 

The need for ostomy pouches and enema bags after surgical procedures helps collect bodily waste from the stoma created during the operation. Ostomy generally refers to an artificial opening the surgeon creates during certain medical procedures like colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, gastronomy, etc. A stoma or an opening is created in the body to divert the route of stool and urine, for which ostomy irrigation kits are required. While the stoma can be temporary or permanent depending on the patient's medical condition, good-quality ostomy pouches and other accessories are necessary to maintain a hygienic and healthy lifestyle.

What are the Different Types of Ostomy Accessories?

Urostomy and Ostomy Pouches

Ostomy irrigation kits include urostomy and ostomy pouches that help collect body waste. The bag is available in one or two pieces. Both types come with a thin skin barrier, flange, and a clamp at the closure. The urostomy pouch is for urine collection after a urostomy procedure, whereas the ostomy pouch is for collection of stools.

Enema Bag

Severe constipation can lead to discomfort and other health issues. Enema bags and kits help relieve constipation, treat fecal impaction, insert direct medication, and prepare the patient for certain medical procedures. The enema kit helps soften the stool and create pressure to help clear the bowels.

Ostomy Barrier and Seal

When attaching the ostomy pouch, using an ostomy barrier for the skin and an ostomy seal for the bag is necessary. Both products help prevent any leakage from the stoma and maintain dignity when in public.

Hernia Belt

Hernia belts have removable and adjustable pads with double belts. The belt helps reduce inguinal hernia and even supports post-operation for faster recovery.

Ostomy Deodorant 

The ostomy pouch is unscented and can make you uncomfortable once the waste is collected. Using ostomy deodorant in the pouches and bags helps neutralize the odor and make your social outings comfortable. You can use lubricating deodorant for easy emptying of the waste.

Stoma Paste 

The stoma paste in the ostomy irrigation kit helps fill the cavities and openings around to allow a better seal when attaching the ostomy pouch.

Why Buy Ostomy Accessories from Broadway Medical Supply?

When performing ostomy surgery, ensuring the use of all needed ostomy accessories helps maintain hygiene and secure practice. Whether it is during or post-operative procedures, ostomy pouches, enema bags, stoma paste, deodorant, and other products in ostomy irrigation kits are all available at Broadway Medical Supply. With uncompromised quality, the focus remains on delivering medical-grade products and promoting a healthy lifestyle.