Specimen Collection and Transport Containers

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Specimen Collection and Transport Containers for Safe Transportation

A specimen container is used for specimen collection and safe transportation of specimen samples, like blood, urine, or tissue cells, for diagnosing. Healthcare professionals use specimen collection and transport containers to maintain the purity of the biological samples until they reach the clinical laboratory. It is an essential tool for the pathologist to carefully choose the transport containers as it will prevent contamination while in transit and help maintain the quality while giving a more accurate diagnosis. 

Types of specimen containers 

1. Specimen Container with Temperature Strip

These containers are equipped with a built-in temperature strip, which helps in monitoring and maintaining the temperature of the specimen sample inside. These containers are essential when the biological samples are sensitive to temperature.

2. Specimen Transport Bag

The specimen collection and transport containers securely transport the specimens from the collection site to the designated laboratory. These bags are leakproof, which helps in keeping the specimen samples intact. 

3. Specimen Transport Bag with Document Pouch 

These specimen transport bags have a separate pouch wherein the pathologists can store important documents that are related to the specimen. 

4. Stool Specimen Container

They are made for collecting the stool samples of the patients, and the container also comes with a scoop or a spatula, which helps in easy collection. The stool specimen containers have a leakproof body, which helps in preventing contamination while the specimens are being transferred.

5. Commode Specimen Collector 

This specimen collection type is used for individuals who cannot use a regular specimen collector. They are used by people who are bedridden or admitted to a hospital.

6. Pediatric Urine Collection Bag 

These bags are used for collecting biological samples from young children or infants. These bags are attached to the genitals of the kids by the healthcare professionals to collect the samples directly.

7. Specimen Container

These are general-purpose containers used for transporting various biological samples such as blood, urine and saliva. 

Why Choose Specimen Containers from Broadway Medical Supply?

Specimen containers have a secure lid and handle which ensures that the collected specimen reaches the clinical laboratory safely. Proper handling of specimen samples and having superior quality ensures that patient samples are protected for detailed examination. Broadway Medical Supply has a diverse range of premium quality specimen containers, stool specimen containers, pediatric urine collection bags, and others. Each container is made with precision and is leakproof, preventing cross-contamination.