Infant Nursing

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Infant Nursing an Immediate Solution for Mothers and Infants 

Infant nursing is an essential aspect of caring for newborns and infants, containing various practices to ensure their optimal nutrition and well-being. This includes breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and other feeding method that are customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of the baby. Proper feeding supplies provide essential nutrients and facilitates bonding between the caregiver and the child, promoting overall health and development.   

Tools Used for Infant Nursing 

Nursing Pad 

Nursing pads are absorbent pads worn inside a nursing bra to absorb breast milk leakage during breastfeeding or between feedings, helping to keep clothes dry and preventing discomfort.   

Breast Shield/Nipple Shield 

These are thin, flexible, silicone, or plastic covers, placed over the nipple and areola during breastfeeding to assist with latch-on issues. It prevents sore nipples and aid babies with difficulties in breastfeeding.   

Breast Milk Storage Bag 

Breast milk storage bags are specially designed pouches for safely storing expressed breast milk in the refrigerator or freezer, maintaining its nutritional integrity and hygiene for later use.   

Air Caps 

Air caps are accessories used with breast pumps to prevent milk from backing into the tubing, ensuring efficient and hygienic pumping sessions.   

Double Electric Breast Pump/Single Electric Breast Pump 

Electric breast pumps are devices under nurtirtionals and feeding supplies, used to extract breast milk efficiently and conveniently. Double electric pumps allow simultaneous pumping from both breasts. Whereas single electric pumps are suitable for occasional or less frequent pumping.   

Breast Pump Accessories 

These include various attachments and parts such as flanges, valves, and membranes, essential for proper functioning and customization of breast pumps to suit individual needs. Brest pump accessories include various feeding supplies that aids in providing proper feeding of the infant or newborn baby.  

Why Choose Infant Nursing Solutions from Broadway Medical Supply?  

Infant nursing solutions from Broadway Medical Supply becomes an ideal choice for you due to its extensive range of high-quality products, expert guidance, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a comprehensive selection of nutritional and feeding supplies, including breast pumps, storage bags, and accessories, Broadway Medical Supply ensures parents and medical personnel have access to everything they need for successful breastfeeding.