Reagents and Hematology Analyzer with test strips

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Reagent, Urinalysis, Hematology Analyzer For Accurate Insights

Calibrators are tools that help adjust your system to a known standard. Controls, on the other hand, check if the standardized substances and calibrators are working correctly. Using high-quality tools and reagent test strips can make your lab and analysis work better by giving you control over things like substrates, enzymes, proteins, therapeutic drug monitoring, and drug of abuse testing.

Benefits of Using a Reagent Test Trip

These are rigid plastic strips equipped with pads containing chemical reactants. These strips have the capability to perform tests for various parameters such as pH, protein, glucose, ketone, bilirubin, and blood. Certain strips can assess urobilinogen, leukocytes, nitrites, and specific gravity. The advantages of utilizing a hematology reagent are as follows:

Reagent test strips provide quick and near-instantaneous results.

These strips do not require correction for glucose or protein levels, simplifying the testing process.

In the reagent strip method, measuring specific gravity (SG) does not necessitate clarification of cloudy or turbid urines beforehand.

They eliminate the need for complex equipment, reducing overall testing costs.

Reagent test strips are applicable in medical diagnostics (such as glucose monitoring and urinalysis), water quality testing, food safety analysis, and various other fields.

Many reagent test strips come pre-calibrated, sparing users from the need to perform calibration steps.

How to Use Urinalysis Test Strips?

To use urinalysis test strips properly, start by collecting a fresh urine sample in a clean container. Dip the test strip into the urine for the specified time, making sure all pads are fully covered. 

After taking it out, gently tap off extra urine. Wait for the recommended time for color changes. 

Compare the pad colors to the provided chart for parameters like pH, protein, and glucose. Follow the instructions from the strip's manufacturer.

Why to Buy Urinalysis Test Strips from Broadway Medical Supply?

For spot-on detection of infections like urinary tract problems and diseases such as kidney stones and diabetes, using a high-quality reagent test strip is crucial for accurate results. Getting the diagnosis right is key for effective treatment, depending on your health condition. Broadway Medical Supply understands this importance and offers efficient substrate identifiers. These identifiers can measure tiny details in the substances present, helping Clinical Laboratory professionals make precise and reliable diagnostic decisions.