Needles and Syringes: Buy Surgical Sharp Collectors and Surgical Needle Counter

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Needles And Syringes to Ensure Efficient Administration of Medical Fluids  

Needles and syringes are an indispensable tool in the medical industry. They allow for précised administration and withdrawal of medical fluids for treatment and blood testing. Their miniature size and ability to penetrate the patient’s skin with minimal pain has transformed health practices and patient experience. The benefits make syringes and needles rank among one of the most important medical devices.   

Different Types of Needles and Syringe Accessories   

Self-injection Device  

A self-injection device is a syringe specifically designed for those who are unable to inject themselves with a syringe. It automatically injects the needle and its contents into the skin.   

Surgical Needle Counter  

A surgical needle counter tracks the number of used and disposed medical sharps during a procedure. Depending on the number of sharps that need to be followed, there are different types of needle counters.   

Needle Clipping Device  

A needle clipping device makes needles from syringes and pen needles unusable after use. After clipping, the needle is safely stored within the clipper.   

Disposable Syringe Tip Cap  

A disposable syringe tip cap is used to cover the tip of a syringe when it is not in use, thereby preventing accidental contamination.    

Insulin Pen Cap  

An insulin cap is used to track insulin doses. It has light sensors which detect the quantity of insulin in the pen after a dose has been administered.  

Luer Adapter  

A Luer adapter is designed to securely connect male and female Luer connectors. It can be used for pen needles, syringes, catheters and other medical devices. Different types of Luer adapters are available in the market to suit the diverse needs of healthcare centres and hospitals.     

Sharps Collector  

Sharp collectors are hard plastic bins used in medical settings to dispose of medical instruments like syringes, lancets, auto injectors, infusion sets and connection sets. They are available in different shapes and sizes to meet medical uses and ensure patient safety.         

Why Buy Needles and Syringes from Broadway Medical Supply?   

Broadway Medical Supply has been supplying medical and surgical equipment for over 30 years. The large inventory of high-quality needles and syringes available ensures catering to all medical needs of hospitals and clinics. Besides syringes and needles, you can avail of accessories like needle and blade counters, Luer caps and adapters, needle clipping devices, insulin pens and sharps collectors, etc., for a complete healthcare solution.