Ultrasound Probe Covers: Non-Sterile Protection

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Ultrasound Probe Covers Ensuring Hygenic Scanning

Ultrasound probe covers are a basic requirement to ensure safe and secure practices. While there are many types of ultrasounds, including internal and external, ensuring the use of diagnostic instruments and supplies with complete protection is vital. The diagnostic centers must maintain basic hygiene practices along with medical guidelines. Using ultrasound probe covers is a simple way to maintain the needed security standards while testing and scanning patients.

Why Use Ultrasound Probe Covers?

Prevents Cross Contamination

The probe cover is made using polyurethane plastic, which is rigid, flexible, and resistant to temperatures. The quality prevents penetration of any germs that can cause infections. It is a great way to prevent cross-contamination.

Protects Transducers

Transducers, also called probes, are used as the base wand to scan the patient during ultrasound. Using a probe cover ensures that the gel used to create a smooth slide while scanning doesn’t enter the transducer. This prevents it from getting damaged due to body fluids or any moisture element.

Sterile Protection

The ultrasound probe covers under diagnostic instruments and supplies offers sterile protection. This helps prevent infections, especially during an internal scan. Passing the covers through a sterilization process kills all germs and makes them safe for medical practice.

Eases External and Internal Scans 

When performing internal scans like transvaginal and transrectal imaging or external scans, the layer of plastic protection eases the process. It helps the probe glide smoothly and makes changing the cover for the next patient easy and quick.

Latex-Free Keeps Allergy Away

The polyurethane material is latex-free. Many people are allergic to latex, so using a latex-free probe cover helps prevent allergies.

Single-Use Prevents Infections

The ultrasound probe covers are designed for single use. This ensures that infection is not spread from one patient to another. The cover can simply be changed after each scan to maintain hygiene.

Acoustically Transparent Shield

The probe covers are acoustically transparent. This feature helps do the scan without any interruption. It allows the soundwaves to pass easily and provide accurate results.

Why Buy Ultrasound Probe Covers from Broadway Medical Supply?

Maintaining safety measures is one of the topmost priorities in healthcare sectors. Whether the ultrasound setup is in a hospital or a lab, ensuring it meets safety standards is a must. Broadway Medical Supply offers different sizes and varieties of probe covers under diagnostic instruments and supplies. Each medical supply aids in increased safety and smooth execution of medical practices.