Walker: Bariatric, Folding Walker with Wheels

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Leading the way with top-quality ambulatory equipment designed to enhance mobility, Broadway Medical Supply provides an extensive range of walkers that support stability and movements comfortably and conveniently. Committed to improving everyday routine, Broadway Medical Supply’s range of offerings includes wheelchairs, rollators, canes, transport chairs, walkers, crutches, and scooters, along with equipment that makes the process of recovery and lifestyle easy, reducing the need for constant assistance. Dedicated to providing innovative solutions, our range of folding walkers ensures reliable mobility aids for individuals seeking superior medical equipment support. Explore the options available and get a reliable walker worth the value for undivided support and stability. 

Features Of Bariatric Folding Walker 

Our bariatric folding walkers are thoughtfully crafted to provide exceptional support and convenience. Here are some of the standout features that set our walkers apart: 

1. Adjustable Height: Experience personalized comfort with adjustable height settings, helping you to find the perfect fit for your posture and walking style.

2. Durable: Manufactured with robust materials. Our bariatric folding walkers ensure stability and durability, making them ideal for individuals with varying and specific needs.

3. Enhanced Mobility: The wheels on select models provide smooth mobility, making it easier to navigate through different environments.

4. Foldable Design: Our folding walker with wheels can be easily folded for compact and portable storage, making it easy and convenient for transport, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.

5. Weight Capacity: Our bariatric folding walker is designed to accommodate higher weight requirements with reliable support for individuals of varying sizes.

6. Comfortable Handles: Ergonomically designed handles of our bariatric walker offer a comfortable grip, reducing strain on your wrists and ensuring a pleasant walking experience.

Types Of Walkers Available at Broadway Medical 

Broadway Medical Supply offers a diverse range of walkers to cater to different mobility needs. Our collection includes: 

Standard Walkers

Our range of standard walkers is designed to provide reliable stability and support for individuals who need minimal assistance while walking. These traditional walkers offer a sturdy and secure frame, allowing you to move confidently and maintain balance. With their straightforward design and dependable construction, standard walkers are a practical choice for those seeking essential support and greater independence in their daily activities. 

Folding Walkers with Wheels

Incorporating the best features, the folding walker with wheels combines the wheels' convenience with the stability of a traditional walker, allowing enhanced mobility and ease of use. The wheels allow for smoother movement over different surfaces, making navigation effortless, both indoors and outdoors. The innovative feature also allows compact storage, making the folding walker with wheels a versatile and space-saving mobility aid. 

Bariatric Folding Walkers

Our bariatric walker is designed to provide robust support and uncompromised comfort for individuals with higher weight requirements. This bariatric folding walker is engineered to accommodate a greater weight capacity while maintaining the same stability and ease of use as our other models. With reinforced frames and durable materials, the bariatric walker offers a reliable mobility solution that instils confidence and promotes a sense of security. 

Dual-Release Folding Walker

The dual-release folding walker is a versatile mobility aid designed to provide stability and support while walking. This innovative walker features a unique dual-release mechanism that allows you to fold and unfold it effortlessly with a simple push of buttons on each side. The dual-release system ensures secure locking when the walker is used and convenient folding for storage and transportation. With its robust mechanism and adjustable height feature, the dual release folding walker offers a personalized fit and reliable assistance, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking enhanced mobility and convenience.

Sidestep Folding Walker

The sidestep folding walker is a specialized ambulatory equipment that offers a unique approach to walking assistance. Designed to accommodate individuals with specific needs, this walker features a sidestepping mechanism allowing you to move forward with minimal effort. The side-step folding walker is particularly beneficial for those who experience discomfort or difficulty with traditional forward movement. Its ergonomic design promotes a natural walking motion and provides stable support, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking an alternative and comfortable way to navigate their surroundings.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Walker

Before selecting a walker, consider these essential factors to ensure the folding walker perfectly fits your needs:

Mobility needs: Determine whether you need the walker for indoor use, outdoor activities, or both. It will help you pick the right folding walker that suits your lifestyle and seamlessly fits your routine.

Comfort and support: Evaluate features like adjustable height, comfortable grips, and seating options to ensure optimal comfort and support.

Portability: If you require frequent transportation, opt for a folding walker that is easy to store and transport.

Weight capacity: Choose a folding walker that comfortably supports your weight to prevent strain and ensure safety.

Mobility: Consider the folding walker’s flexibility and mobility in different settings, like tight spaces or uneven terrains.

Safety features: Explore the features like reliable brakes and stable construction to ensure your safety during use.

Benefits of Buying Folding Walker

Investing in a folding walker from Broadway Medical Supply brings forth several benefits:

Enhanced mobility:

The folding bariatric walker by Broadway Medical Supply helps you regain the freedom to move around with confidence, whether indoors or outdoors. The broad collection of a folding walker at Broadway Medical Supply supports your mobility and help you explore your surroundings, allowing you to participate in daily activities with less effort. The proper folding walker reduces movement limitations, enhances overall quality of life, and promotes an active lifestyle.

Improved Independence

At Broadway Medical Supply, we understand the importance of independence in maintaining your sense of self. Our folding walker with wheels provides the right tools to navigate your environment independently, reducing the need for constant assistance. With the support of our walkers, you can continue your everyday routine alongside experiencing a new sense of freedom, independence, and comfort.

Reduced Strain

Walkers play a pivotal role in reducing strain on your joints and muscles. By providing stable support, our range of folding walkers on wheels helps distribute your weight more evenly, alleviating pressure on areas prone to discomfort. This practical support system promotes better posture and minimizes the risk of falls, ensuring safety with every move.

Increased Comfort

Your comfort is our top priority; our association with maximum mobility aids manufacturers and providers; allow us to offer a range of comfortable walker worth the value. Our bariatric walkers' comfortable handles and seating options ensure you can move quickly and take breaks whenever needed. Whether you are strolling through your home or enjoying a walk outdoors, the walkers are designed to enhance your comfort and, thus, provides you with moments of relaxation.


We recognize that everyone’s mobility needs are unique. Thus, catering to specific and personal requirements, our range of walkers has robust features. Whether you need a standard walker for essential support or a more specialized option for particular environments, our walkers offer versatility to accommodate your preferences and lifestyle. 

Long Term Investment

When you choose Broadway medical supply, you select a partner that believes in rewarding with value and purpose. Our walkers are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring reliable assistance for years to come. With its durable construction and quality design, the walkers assure you of ongoing support and stability, making them a valuable addition to your everyday routine.

Why Choose Broadway Medical for Walker

As one of the leading medical equipment and aid-providing a platform, Broadway medical supply takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of ambulatory equipment, including Wheelchairs, rollators, canes, transport chairs, walkers, crutches, scooters, and equipment that makes life with this mobility aid easy, with a solid commitment to delivering comfort and comfort, we, at Broadway Medical Supply prioritize your overall well-being and provide with top-notch products that enhance your daily life. With an undivided focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, Broadway Medical Supply ensures that your mobility aids serve the purpose with value.



Price Range

$46 to $198


McKesson, drive™

User Weight Capacity Range

300 to 500 lbs

Frame Material

Aluminum, Steel


Yes, for compact storage, transport and convenience

Walker Height

29 to 39 inches (Adjustable)

Wheel Size

5" wheels for smooth mobility


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is the Weight Limit for Bariatric Walkers?

The weight limit of the bariatric walkers typically varies depending on the specific design and model. At Broadway Medical Supply, we offer bariatric folding walkers engineered precisely to support individuals with higher weight requirements. Our bariatric walkers are designed with robust stability and durability, accommodating varying weight capacities to ensure safety and comfort. However, it is also essential to refer to the product specifications or consult regarding a particular bariatric walker to determine its weight and suitability for your needs.

2. Do Folding Walkers Come in Different Sizes?

Yes, folding walkers come in different sizes to accommodate a range of user heights and preferences. At Broadway Medical Supply, we offer a range of wheel folding walkers with adjustable height options, allowing the user to customize the walker’s height as needed. This ensures an ergonomic fit and proper posture while using the walker. The availability of different sizes allows you to choose a folding walker that suits your individual needs, providing optimal support and mobility.

3. Can I Use aa Bariatric Walker on Inclines or Ramps?

Yes, bariatric folding walkers are designed to provide stable support on various terrains, including inclines or ramps. Our bariatric walkers have sturdy frames, reliable wheels, and secure braking systems that enhance stability and safety. Whether you're navigating slopes, ramps, or uneven surfaces, a bariatric walker from Broadway Medical Supply can offer you the confidence and assistance you need to move comfortably and securely.

4. Can Bariatric Walkers Be Folded for Storage and Transport?

Many bariatric walkers are designed with foldable features that facilitate easy storage and transport. While bariatric walkers are built for robust support, their foldable design allows them to be conveniently folded when not in use. This feature mainly benefits users who need to store the walker in compact spaces or transport it in a vehicle. Broadway Medical Supply offers bariatric walkers with thoughtful folding mechanisms that maintain their structural integrity while providing the convenience of portability and space-saving storage.